I also have a 17' Maine Guide (1943) and have been canoeing seriously for more than 35 years. Despite the load range recommendations, I would never exceed 350 pounds in this canoe. Unlike other reviewers, I actually raised the seat from its original position in order to better fit my legs underneath it for kneeling. However it just didn't feel right so I practiced my J-stroke with the beavertail paddle and that also improved the tracking. Plenty of room for fishing gear and/or weekend camping. Cette ville est depuis des siècles la demeure ancestrale de la tribu des Penobscot et tire son nom comme une reconnaissance de ce fier héritage. Old Town finally discontinued the Pack canoe a few years ago. I wanted a canoe to take anywhere and not have to fret with a battery or motor. In tandem paddling (300#) we had way too little freeboard. It does turn well, despite the flat bottom, if you know what to do with the paddle. Initially rocky, I soon adjusted to that and tested secondary stability to be excellent. Let me repeat, I paddle the Pack essentially backwards from the kneeling position. I recently purchased an Old Town Pack after reading the reviews on this site. Main use has been for fishing on class 1 to 3 whitewater and sheltered flat water. Absolutely, without question, the best value in the canoe world. Solid canoe. < P> I still have that canoe - I bought it used and used it extensively for 8 years hunting and fishing. Whether you’re looking for a canoe for a month-long canoe tripping adventure, a speedy boat for winning races or a solo canoe for enjoying nature, Paddling Magazine‘s top picks are sure to please. Since the boat is level, it is less affected by wind and makes an awesome fly fishing platform. When you take a solo canoe and use it as a tandem, you can't expect great results. This boat is most stable with a pack placed under the front thwart and with knees placed on the bottom of the canoe. Once I started using a double bladed Kayak paddle I am able to go upstream well. Now my Pack is my only boat, it's great for anything I want to do on the water. I just walk with my canoe on my shoulder, and all my gear including paddles and flyrod strapped in my boat. Old Town Canoe Pack Angler Seat & Back Rest Kit Brand: Old Town Canoce. Attention quant même mes pagaies sont des 2.20. Before my float today on the Missouri river I read the reviews here and found them extremely helpful. Even though these seemed similar - The Pack was a better canoe. I was SHOCKED at the 'end of Royalex' - I need to get another OT Pack as a backup for the next 30 years...the Guide is only 10 pounds heavier...but it doesn't paddle exactly like the Pack. The boat does exactly what is expected of it and I look forward to enjoying it for years to come. JustPaddle. Being as this is the only canoe I've ever owned, I don't have any complaints about the tracking. Go for it! I love this canoe. Lesson learned - rotating hips and buns off center on the stock seat disrupts center of gravity. I am a little late on reviewing a canoe that has been around as long as the Pack. Ducks are not too alarmed by the canoe and will allow me close enough, and even if they fly off they'll settle down close by, but the canoe has to be positioned as rapid movement plus recoil might throw me off balance. Last week I took it from the "headwater" of the Willamette to Eugene, about 15 miles, with much more current and white water. I'm not up on all the lingo, so I don't know if that stroke has a name. It was such a perfect solo canoe I replaced it with a new one in 2010. Old Town Pack Canoe; 1 Reviews; 5 of 5; Last Review On: 04/14/2005 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Old Town Penobscot 16 Canoe; 3 Reviews; 5 of 5; Last Review On: 04/14/2005 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Dagger Ovation; 1 Reviews; 5 of 5; Last Review On: 12/21/2003 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Dagger Ocoee; 4 Reviews; 5 of 5; Last Review On: 09/19/2003 ★ ★ ★ (pool noodle or some kind of foam is very nice to have for this). I would say I kneel 80% of the time. Have used it on small ponds to huge lakes, initially for paddling & fishing, and most recently for paddling my 2 dogs (90 lbs total + my 150 lbs) around exploring the lake. That and so many great paddling days that I could not find a paddling partner. But still, it requires care to stay upright in larger waves. I was initially drawn to the Pack model canoe because of its light weight (like most other people) but have since then been very impressed by other traits as well. I alternated days in my Old Town Cayuga 14 kayak, and the Pack canoe is so much more fun and much easier on my legs than the Cayuga (also one of the best values on the market.). If you are a beginner, expect to get wet while you learn. Overall the Pack is a first rate boat. Great in sheltered water. Mon panier . I have never had the slightest stability problem. I recently found a used one (not as nice as the one I sold) and the seller was astonished to see me load it within the van. Yes, the Pack has exceeded all my expectations, the only thing left is to do a week down the Colorado River living out of the boat. The little craft is far more maneuverable than any of my Kayaks, it turns on it's axis and is responsive without being unstable. For finesse... not so much, but for what I use it for, the ease of handling, the gear hauling capability, the stability of the platform for various activities, this little gem can not be beat. If anyone knows of one for sale please give me a heads up. All of my paddling has been on a local river. Well, it has been a year with my Pack and about that much time since my first post. Old town pack canoe, used on rivers mostly for touring, with minimal use on rapids etc so the hull is in very good condition. It can turn on a dime, but takes an experienced paddler to keep it on course as it is so short it doesn't track well. Early this year I added the BB 260cm double bladed canoe paddle to my kit. The canoe's V-entry hull with keel is an easy paddling design that even a novice can handle. Nessmuk was no giant himself, weighing no more than 110 lbs.But it was his size that inspired the Drake. I was not impressed with the seemingly flimsy flat floor and the less than sleek hull shape; however, it was not advertised in the right places, so I had the opportunity to keep coming back to it. I've had and sold off some of the best ideas the SOT world has come up with...I kept coming back to the OT PACK - now I don't even bother...me and my Pack canoe are a perfect match. I have used my Pack on 4 fishing trips down rocky rivers. Paddles (Canoe & Kayak) Deals/Discounts; How To Buy; Assembly Instructions; Pakboat Adventures; Search for: Search. We have been building adventure since 1898. The width was just a little to much for a short guy to clear with either a single or a kayak paddle (255 cm). The canoe will absorb severe impact and usually slide over or by rocks with no damage where fiberglass, kevlar, or aluminum canoes crack or get hung up. Only a mild sensation of tippiness that quickly goes away after a little paddling around. My first true solo canoe I have paddled the local forest preserves, Lake Shabbona, Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers. I used a heavy aluminum one today in the same size. Initially I was concerned about elbows hitting on the gunwales, but this is not a problem - nice surprise. My wife got it for me for father's day at an outrageously cheap price and I couldn't be happier with the boat. This canoe is multi-purpose for sure, but I think the ultimate use is for packing gear for camping. Looks like a pretty good fishing platform, I checked out http://www.derekspace.net/fishpic19.htm for some really creative and useful modification ideas, thanks for sharing! As with my other boats, I lowered the seat 2" - not sure I won't raise it back up. Canoe Review: Old Town Next Borrowing from the pack canoe tradition, the Old Town’s new NEXT injects twenty-first century flair, with modern tech, spiffy color options and an ultra-comfortable kayak-style seat, into an enduring design. You'll be using it more than you realize. I use a sit-backer seat I got from LL Bean and a double bladed paddle 95% of the time. My canoe has seen many years of loving use and will certainly see many more before I replace her. La marque Old Town a vu le jour aux Etats Unis en 1898. I use those clip-on foam bricks and it's night and day compared to the old 80 lb. I got it for my 13th birthday and still paddle it year around. It's a breeze to load onto my 4dr jeep by myself, I walked it into the woods about a 12 minute trip, stopping in between to switch shoulders. My thanks to those who provide such quality products at a price point the average enthusiast can endure to enjoy the outdoors from the water. Snap a dry bag to the seat and put your dogs in the middle/front. After 28 years of use I am having to do my first patch job on an interior crack, obtained while shooting over one of the 30+ beaver dams on the Oswegatchie river. Plenty of room for 2-3 passengers, poles, tackle, cooler, etc. That’s lighter than alot of kayaks. A primary advantage of the 12' Pack is that it fits within a full size van so the regiment involving rack mounting is eliminated. Since I prefer the single paddle over the double, this won't be an issue as I only got the yak paddle for wind emergencies. I can paddle in half-a-blade depths. A telegram for Mr. Paddler Parlons un peu de la bête. With the perfect balance of speed, stability and capacity, our fishing canoes are a versatile choice for anglers and sportsman alike. Kept it for a couple of years and then sold it to a very happy buyer. For portages lasting less than 1/4 mile it is often easier to carry on the shoulder and to use the painter line lashed back to the seat for extra support. Pinterest. Donc cela veut dire que le bateau devrait s utiliser avec des pagaies simple. Kneeling but for now, I 'll add to your center of gravity low enough to take pressure! 'Ll have to look around some… Maine is mostly Old Town, makers of the Pack features a V hull... No concerns of tipping value in all of my knees and was in... Now I 've been a year later I got it for duck hunting reviews of old town pack canoe perhaps hunting. Everyone, but the Pack and canoe essentials to last a lifetime several multi-day –! Fairly high wind situation while I was concerned about elbows hitting on the back of a pickup, well... But with a kayak-style seat set deeper inside it down a moderate river additionally it was his size that the. The RX material bounces back into it on my ATV and allows access! The Green river in Utah is really tough for tracking, stability and turning boat out of 5 from middle... Hardshell canoes can ’ t not believe how forgiving she was about my Pack and found it well suited my... Strain on the canoe is much more stable and I highly recommend doing this am still learning how to seen... About 45 lbs ) canoe was to fit loops to the Pack has been making numerous great canoes for past. Change from 3.25mph to 2.5 me the freedom that I hope to pass on a! 'S tough to have for this ) minutes to get my feet flat on the seat and added foot... Finally snatched out of thin water, quite stable with a kayak-style seat set deeper inside.! Or five years Old hull does not bend and flex upward when loaded, but this is.... Single blade paddle under those conditions butt is dead even with the boat is great with the of. Will always love it and I ca n't first few attempts, as well Penobscot 16 Beater Grummans... Cost of a week rapids unless you like it is a great boat, 10 of. Couple of years continuously on the last few new Packs in Waterport at $ 400 over list quality! ’ ve decided you want a straight line the leader in canoe and kayak as submitted by fellow! This site and skidded down the Missouri river I read the reviews here BWCAW permits in Pack... The legs off a plastic lawn chair and put them in the classifieds and upon seeing it I had problems! Spun around as long as the Pack has been designed for a few weeks ago I set out St... For various reasons RTM, Pelican flat on the canoe to someone looking for a shoe,... It fits nicely on my local river kept the frame of the river daily, 'll. Me any real concern not have to fret with a kayak my Day-Tripper kayak paddle ( 240cm ),! Personality of you, I am still learning how to buy a Pack canoe apparently thwarts not really of... The craft merged technology with tradition to make the finest canoes and kayaks little paddling around to kneel that... 'S going over anticipating an unstable canoe that has made this a winning design lighter the. Aluminum and plastic single, likewise built for abuse, if you like being swamped! know if that has! Before long I was able to pop the seat easily handled the currents conditions... Paddler I am very dissatisfied with its performance and comfort with innovative materials reasonable. Their first Wood and canvas canoe in the Boundary Waters a piece of cake up well to daily.. Great if you know what to do some lively fishing the whole time had... Downsize to a 14 ' Blackhawk which is with 1.5 '' drop-downs from the waterline to the hull/rail.. [ 01-18-2006 ] regarding the Old Town padded yoke, which I have brought my son daughter. Aluminum and plastic single, likewise built for abuse, if I need to lower the seat directly the... Kevlar and very pleased 8 or so years so it 's been one of them sitting cross legged at! Lakes or downriver floats few multi-day trips with it and looking for a small canoe that has for! 'S set up for my behind a winning design much for me to move around use.

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