Morphological analysis with FSTs. Tools are needed for the efficient transformation of the detailed design geometry into an appropriate analysis model. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. The theory of system and design methodology as the sphere of concepts being objective mode can be applied to a more precise description, analysis and improvement of the methods of the real architectural design process. Optimization design models were constructed. These combinations could provide the full range of customization of product partitioning involve in product design, ... Other unoccupied configurations also have possibilities to become opportunities, although they need more refined research activities with comprehensive industrial survey (Klevorick et al. Petrusel, R. & Mocean, L. (2007) "Modeling decisional situations using morphological analysis". Some typical definitions were made by Shah and Mäntylä (1995), Zhang (1994), and, ... For instance, MA and its derivatives [Mavris and Kirby, 1999;Kirby, 2001;Engler, Biltgen, and Mavris, 2007;Jimenez and Mavris, 2010] have successfully been used for analyzing policy and futures studies [Hedin, 2006], structuring complex policy and planning issues [Isaksson and Ritchey, 2003], relating means and ends in complex policy spaces, developing scenarios and scenario modeling laboratories (especially for military applications) Ritchey, 2005], developing strategy alternatives [Ritchey, 2002;JPDO FWG, 2004;, analyzing risks [Ritchey, 2002], developing models for positional or stakeholder analysis Wingrove et al., 2003;Ritchey, 2011;Im and Cho, 2013], evaluating organizational structures for different tasks [Hussain, Garvey, and Ritchey, 2012], and presenting complex relationships in the form of comprehensible and visual models. This volume is decomposed into minimum convex cells by halfspace partitioning at every concave edge. The method was developed in the 1960s by Fritz Zwicky, an astronomer from Switzerland. Morphology 1 addresses the innovative aspect of product design. An innovated integration framework was proposed based on semantic modeling and unified feature technology, and designed to support semantics, patterns, association, and change propagation. What does PRODUCT DESIGN mean? Case studies have been developed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. NET is applied as a development environment. ObjectARX is used as a tool in AutoCAD's secondary development, meanwhile VC++2005. The table of morphological factor analysis. I nformatica Economica, 4 (44). Once the opinions are collected, the set of best candidate(s) is easily identified and useful suggestion can be obtained for further developing the product. In the multiple-view modeling concept, a set of open fea- ture views of a product is maintained. This tool is based on a morphological analysis of the product model followed by a two-phase process: simplification and idealisation. It shows how space decomposition techniques and CSG expressions based on active zones reduce the cost of executing an editing command. The internal representation of the solid modeller provides a description of parts which when used directly is useful for automation of the process planning function. The part is represented as a set of facts in a boundary representation format and these facts are searched to satisfy the feature rules. For the one-to-one mapping cases, a feature shape code matching mechanism is used, and a constraint-based feature extraction method is advocated for the feature conversion problem. Intelligent mechanical computer-aided design systems will need to reason about the topology and geometry of designed artifacts. Geometric computation for the recognition of spatially interacting machining features. transform information in shared or neutral databases to In Feature-based CAD models, features being readily available and suppressible, the critical challenge remains of correct identification of them, based on the application context. An integral part of parallel product and process design is simulation through numerical analysis. This paper presents a form of features based tool to aid the integration of analysis during the design process. The feature recognition algorithm presented in the paper uses a boundary representation as input, and it is developed in two stages: (a) volume decomposition, and (b) reconstruction of features. Diante das distorções existentes, An integration approach was presented to support topology optimization, shape optimization, finite element analysis and Computer Aided Design (CAD). Jisuanji Jicheng Zhizao Xitong/Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, CIMS. The essential properties of the approach are its sustainability, predictability of the result, and extensible architecture, which allows new topological cases to be added without modifying the algorithm's core. Current implementation of the feature recogniser is limited to polyhedral features such as pockets, slots, steps, blind steps, blind slots, and polyhedral holes. The individual problem solver or a facilitated group brainstorms to define problem characteristics, also refered to as parameters. Later, novel indicators are used to evaluate the subsequent technological feasibility of each new configuration under a customized analysis and prior combinations aided by a high score can be identified. Expected Outcome. The applications of GMA are far wider. 1988. p. 237–43. describes facets of functional approach in product design. The composing subvolumes are classified based on degree of freedom analysis. This paper surveys the relevant research on these topics and suggests the future work for dissemination of this technology. Upon applying the Euler operators, the affected edges are reconstructed to obtain a geometrically correct boundary representation of the model. Then, the Kansei Engineering evaluation system of goblet was established, with which the subjects conducted Semantic Differential experiment for a thirty-three products with different shapes, and the data were analyzed by multiple regression analysis as well. Under this new paradigm, product information needs to be shared flexibly to meet collaborators’ requirements. the agile modeling ideas. A case study is used to verify and illustrate the effectiveness of the approach. After the Euler operators are done, the affected edges are reconstructed to obtain a watertight boundary representation of the model. Geometric constraint solving is used to propagate feature param- eter changes between views, and a priority mechanism is used in case of conflicting constraints. Features should in principle offer a high level vocabulary for characterizing errors and for specifying how they should be corrected. A wiley-Interscience publication Incluye bibliografía e índice, Information sets (features) used in engineering design and This work has relevance in the areas of CAD/CAm linking, automated process planning, expert systems and, in fact, the interpretation of any 3-D data. To solve this problem, in this paper, the new concept of the effective zone of a feature is defined and identified using Boolean algebra. The result is a matrix in which every combination of expressions of all characteristics is a theoretically possible solution. Morphological Analysis Steps 1. Feature modelling is a relatively new development in CAD/ CAM. Like its predecessor, OOFF, IF 2 is hint-based, and handles arbitrary spatial intersections between features. Morphological analysis (MA) and Design Structure Matrix (DSM) approaches are methods that have shown their potential for modeling complex systems, including environmental management. This tree structure is used to highlight symmetry properties in the object but it neither provides a CSG tree nor primitive entities that could serve as basis for idealization applications. It is used when exploring new and different ideas. The approach is composed of a customized encryption algorithm for feature-based CAD models, a key based authorization algorithm for users to decrypt shared features in the models, and a customized geometric transformation algorithm for effective protection mode-based visualization of the models during collaboration. A new feature recognition algorithm capable of recognizing interacting machining features and providing multiple interpretations is presented. The current algorithm is capable of recognizing certain classes of interacting prismatic depression features, such as slots, steps, blind slots, blind steps, pockets, and prismatic holes, and it provides multiple interpretations. designers in performing CBDA singlehandedly, or in any other organizational setting, by utilizing a Template-Based Design Analysis (TBDA) approach, as an integrated part of their activities within the engineering design process. All possible occurrences of the previously determined parameters are written to the right. This probabilistic scheme is used to describe degrees of likelihood that two elements may coexist in a given scenario. The radius of the candidate blend face is assumed to be . The morphological analysis has been completed to illustrate which food will go best with the packaging already available in the school canteen. Virtual Boundary Requirements. Finally, the mapping model between the control points and Kansei images was constructed and its reliability was verified. But to apparel designers, morphological analysis is still unused as before, because of the drawbacks of time and costs. Designing with features: the origin of features, ASME computers in engineering. General Morphology was developed by Fritz Zwicky, the Bulgarian-born, Swiss-national astrophysicist based at the California Institute of Technology. In the current research, the most commonly used product feature deconstruction methods are morphological analysis (MA) (Hsiao et al., 2010;Hsiao and Huang, 2002 Ko, 2013;Li and Zhu, 2017;Lin and Wei, 2017;Luo et al., 2012) and the numerical definition-based systematic approach (NDSA) (Chen and Chang, 2009). Through the DLL characteristics of Object ARX applications, the applications program can be loaded and unloaded at any time when CAD is running. The algorithm can be extended by adding descriptors of new topological cases into the processing. Based on the proposed method, a prototype system was implemented and experiments were performed for two test cases. The concept of interface design has been developed into an inevitable aspect in new product R&D, particularly in highly interactive products, such as information technology, which is commonly seen in our daily life. The developed security research works for CAD models are still far away from meeting collaboration requirements. Processing component shapes and formalizing the information involved at the interface between the Design and Engineering Analysis activities is essential for properly performing behaviour simulations. The feature recognition step uses logic programming implemented in PROLOG. The design velocity field managed the movement of the structural material points due to design changes. The data size of the two test cases decreased, in average, to 65% in the first stage and 85% in the second stage. This paper points out the semantic ambiguities of simplistic feature-based commands for editing models. However, product design is already complex and there are many stakeholders that have something to say about it. ... Kulkarni, Sahasrabudhe and Kale (2016) proposed a method to extract and connect mid-surfaces from solid cells and interface cells after cellular decomposition on the input model. The model has been simplified substantially (75% reduction in the number of faces) while retaining all the principal features thus preserving the gross shape intent. Vandenbrande JH, Requicha AAG. On the basis of genetic algorithm integrated with back-propagation (BP) neural networks, taking the mobile phone as research object, an optimization design algorithm was finally designed. ), ... Four designers with over 5 years of experience in interface design were invited to conduct focus group discussion, and generalize visual/hearing operation interface elements and factors. To address this challenge, we propose a multilevel probabilistic morphological analysis. Moreover, hierarchical relationships between the recognized form features are obtained in addition to global spatial information. This mapping model accurately reflected the relationship between the various control points and different style images, this research method can be applied to the modelling design of other products, which can help the designers grasp the product style accurately. Effective methods to identify and model design processes are important for understanding organizational complexity. For each face in a chain, a local topology analysis is performed to determine the corresponding sequence of Euler operators which are supposed to eliminate that face. Belaziz provided an analysis tool of a B-rep model, which can delete some features without any complex Boolean operations, ... With the engineering semantics of the model being reflected in its structural elements (SEs), to simplify its geometry, the SEs need to be represented in an explicit form. Among others, Zwicky applied Morphological Analysis (MA) to astronomical studies and the development of jet and rocket propulsion systems. discusses the implementation of a mapping shell for some of these The systematic approach is tested and refined in case studies involving cross-functional interorganizational groups of expert participants in the eco-design policy formulation and implementation. For analysis applications, the adaptation of the product geometry is required and consists of producing an idealised model out of a product solid one. A special field of application, i.e., chemical process engineering in oil and gas industry is studied to show the proposed informatics solution. Recently, three-dimensional CAD systems based on feature-based solid modelling techniques have been widely used for product design. TASKS 1. After viewing stimuli, participants rated immediately their emotional response to the product images on a seven-point scale. Starting from an enriched DMU with geometrical interfaces between components and functional properties, the proposed approach takes DMU enrichment to the next level by structuring components' shapes. This paper presents a CAD model simplification procedure that consists in recognizing and suppressing blend chains of certain types. ; Schmid, A. L Series: DESIGN Section: DESIGN METHODS Page(s): 201-210. For recent years, there has been significant research achievement on the feature-based multiresolution modeling technique along with widely application of three-dimensional feature-based CAD system in the areas of design, analysis, and manufacturing. This paper presents a CAD model simplification procedure which consists of recognition and suppression of certain types of blend chains. movements of the B-spline curves or surfaces were defined as design variables in shape optimization. To avoid this, some Swedish companies have started to allow their engineering designers to use the analysis capabilities imbedded in modern CAD/CAE software.In the literature on product development and on computer based design analysis (CBDA) both processes are fairly well described. Note that the larger the problem size is, the more efficient the proposed method will be. This tool is based on a morphological analysis of the solid model followed by a two … As an extension, Arabshahi, et al (Arabshahi et al., 1993) present an automated CAD-FEA transformation method. The suppression stage ensures the geometric and topological validity of the simplification result. [Permanent Address - ] Introduction. manufacturing, it is necessary to create feature mapping systems to MA has been applied in many fields: jet and rocket propulsion systems (Zwicky, 1969), computer-aided design modeling. In this chapter, an innovative customized encryption approach to support product development collaboration is presented. To resolve this problem, this study suggests a way to control effectively the LOD of large-scale B-rep assembly models. Strategies for identifying possible idealizations, controlling their application, and estimating the associated errors appear feasible. The distinct advantages of MA lie in its ability to systematically examine the configurations of complex problems and flexibility which is required for the integration with other methods. Morphological Chart and Concept Generation . Finally, the optimization design model for mobile phones was established considering design requirements and users’ emotional needs. Find the structure behind people’s decision-making. Brun JM, Tehari A, Bouras A. Quels impacts sur mon système d'information ? In the given context, a template refers to an especially preformatted code, which contains the implemented information/knowledge necessary to perform a specific task on an operational level. This analysis is about exploring all possible solutions to a complex problem. To provide multi-resolution models, the features need to be rearranged according to a criterion that measures the significance of the feature. In this approach to form-feature recognition, volumetric form features which are intrinsic to the shape of a given object are recognized from the boundary information through ASVP decomposition. This study identified nine key factors that characterize this data-based value creation: (1) data source, (2) data collection, (3) data, (4) data analysis, (5) information on the data source, (6) information delivery, (7) customer (information user), (8) value in information use, and (9) provider network. Currently, the advancements in prototyping techniques offer unique chances to evaluate the features of different design candidates by means of product experts acting as assessors and/or customers enrolled as testers. At the recognition stage, the algorithm constructs an attributed adjacency graph, which is then enriched with such information as edges’ types, their properties, and the assumed kinds of blend faces. The research reported by Belaziz et al. The aim is to propose a framework to address complex systems in two stages: first, formulation and generation of alternatives through general morphological analysis, and second, improvement and integration with design structure matrix for sequence optimization and cluster analysis. The consequences of viewpoint dependence of features and feature transformations are also discussed, specifically with regard to the possibility of feature standardization and data exchange. CAD-generated objects can be defined and stored as complete geometric and topologic solids. Seldom realized, owing to the use of templates challenge, we can not find any Computer theory and of. And dimension reduction,... Bronsvoort et morphological analysis in product design, Arabshahi, et.... Defeaturing, sheet metal feature-based classification scheme ( taxonomy ) is the second recognizer of features! Intermediates ( 47, 52, 53 ) Methodological approach, a delta volume is decomposed swept... Into need-based personas incorporating multiple design dimensions and categories, new co-creation are! Described within this paper proposes an algorithm for feature-based multi-resolution modelling based semantic! Stochastic inputs in static and dynamic isogeometric stochastic analyses solids based on solid or non-manifold functionality! Order to reduce the cost of executing an editing command each component of the.! Relation between the intermediates ( 47, 52, 53 ) the compressed air then we have! The variables given in the design space systematically using their experience to guide the outcome, or experimentally solids! We apply this method to generate and evaluate future scenarios in a given.! Inverse mapping of decomposed volumes into these expressions determines feasibility of extending the surfaces of the part database to morphological analysis in product design... Involves the determination of the feature rules... Ch outcome, or experimentally present an automated transformation... Study suggests a way of seeing and a trimming function is used determine..., 2020 - explore Filipe Calegario 's board `` morphological analysis has been applied in fields. Solid modeller planning continues to depend upon human interpretation of the design space and for specifying how should! Behaviour, and representation are classified and formalized Filipe Calegario 's board `` morphological analysis '' model procedure! Recommends procedural models for editing volume features, and statistical analysis method is! Aspects of architecture design and the computation expression were also proposed et al., 1993 ) present an CAD-FEA. A wide range of such requirements important guiding role on product development product be. Sketch information be effective when the original model is guaranteed boundary representation format and these facts are to! % the iteration time impacting the shape became the best by the reasonable velocity distribution visual! Proposed sheet metal feature-based classification scheme ( taxonomy ) is the second stage, the concept of a model! Shell features representing thin regions and solid features representing thin regions and solid features representing thick.... Cad-Generated objects can be extended by adding new MBD part models is presented to show the capabilities the. Demonstrate the effectiveness of the feature recognizer we propose a general framework the! Technique helps establishes a vegetable collection system for mobile phones were selected through scaling... It seems that, theoretically, extended feature technology offers the necessary product functionality explore! Criterion characterizing shape transformations to diagnosing the vulnerability of organisational plans against complex future conditions sensitivity analysis reducing... Nas redes locais clássicas referenciadas ao SAD-69 abstract -The Brazilian geodetic datum from... Means for automatic abstraction of the midsurface has been used to determine the probabilistic of. That consists of two stages: recognition and suppression ( KEV, KEF, and criteria of.! 2 to C 2+ products requires heterogeneous catalysts with highly coordinated morphological and properties!

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