It might be possible to walk around Abisko. Based on my limited knowledge, for a balance between scenery and mileage I’d recommend in this order 1) Tarfala 2) Nallo + Vistas 3) Unna Allakas. Tünde. Make full use of the stoves and pots available to make every meal more enjoyable, and don’t forget to do your dishes! Also possible in reverse. Other essentials: cash/ credit card (to pay for the huts/ food); map (can be bought at Abisko or Kebnekaise Mountain Station); good hiking backpack, raincoat/ waterproof jacket and rain pants, camera and sufficient batteries (or just soak in the view); water bottle, mug, enough underwear and socks; books or some comfort items (e.g. We use cookies to let us know when you visit our websites, how you interact with us, to enrich your user experience, and to customize your relationship with our website. 3) In the middle of summer it’ll probably be about 10 degrees Celsius but by late September it’ll be around 0 degrees Celsius at night. In all the websites I visited I found informations about thecommonly used route that you also described (the one passing through Kebnekaise). And do you know if there is fire ban planned for this summer? I now see how wrong I was so hope to walk is this summer if I can. More detailed information on the huts between Hemavan and Ammarnäs can be found at under KUNGSLEDEN VINDELFJÄLLEN, and information Hemavan Mountain Station can be found at The Kungsleden holds many delights and wonders for the walker and while the fjällstationer and fjällstugor may not be what you came for, they certainly enhance the overall experience and are an unexpected joy out on the trail. thank you so much for your great article. During my trip in September 2016 the bus was quite empty, and it was not possible to buy tickets in advance then. For 2019, the mountain cabins along the Kungsleden between Kebnekaise and Abisko (Singi, Salka, Tjaktja, Alesjaure and Abiskojaure) are open between 14 Jun 2019 and 28 Sep 2019. We’re wondering if it’s possible to hike any part of the trail in March? thank you 80-150 SEK – transport between Kiruna and Nikkaluokta, online price. I would like to ask you, in case if you remember, what was the level of waterproofing ( in mm) and breathability (in mm) of your jacket. How many hours of walking each day if need to complete in 4 days. From Vistas it is 33km to Nikkluokta, might be possible to complete in one long day. Membership with the STF costs around $35 (295 SEK) per year. 2. ... We don’t really want to sleep near a hut, but the view from the ridge is so beautiful that we decide to pitch the tent behind a hill and out of sight of the hut. I don’t think you’ll need an expensive one as the weather shouldn’t be too harsh on the main trail. After visiting the warden’s hut, we went inside the main hut to use the day facilities. 3. What do you think is it recommended to buy the bus tickets in advance (online)? to Kebnekaise or Tarfala). After visiting the warden’s hut, we went inside the main hut to use the day facilities. MOUNTAIN HUT / REFUGE MEALSD. Please send me a link to your article when it’s done , Hi, very informative post. We have booked our flights to Narvik Friday 17th & will be begining the Kungsleden in Abisko Saturday 18th August heading south to Hemavan. Will 150$ one will do? You dont need a sleeping bag or cooker as bedding and gas stoves are provided. (12km / 7 miles). Nope. Photo: Bright colors of autumn near Alesjaure, Kungsleden trail, Sweden . From Abisko to Hemavan. If you are not camping, you can carry a light sleep sheet, otherwise, you can use your sleeping bag. Or is it enough to leave on the 6th of august? Some parts of the Kungsleden are rocky and slightly more difficult to walk on, but there are not many ascents or descents unlike most other trails. We provide you with a list of stored cookies on your computer in our domain so you can check what we stored. Comfortably stocked huts run by the Swedish Tourist Association are spread throughout the hike, the distance between them ranging from 13 to 21km (8 to 13 miles). Thank you again for the work you have put in to this page! Lees dan dit uitgebreide artikel over de Kungsleden incl. The minimum number of days (more than average fitness required, but not superhuman standard) would probably be around 3, completing about 35km (22 miles) a day. If you can’t find what you are looking for you are always welcome to contact us. Planning to sleep in the cabins along the route. You need to collect fresh water and take out the old water. Do NOT plan your hike to coincide with this huge event. You wouldn’t want to end off a full day tiring hike with some bland tasting (or worse, foul tasting) food. Just look for clear, open streams, look around for possible sources of contamination, and if clear, drink up! What I use nowadays is a warm inner jacket (-5 to -10 degrees celcius, a little extra allowance to feel comfortable) and a light raincoat, which together cost under US$70 in Singapore (from Decathlon). Hi Ahmir, the temperature will probably hover around 0 at night and around 10 in the day. Der Abschnitt zwischen Abisko und Nikkaluokta mit einer Länge von 105 km ist a… Otherwise you will be prompted again when opening a new browser window or new a tab. Let me know how it goes! Most of the trail between Nikkaluokta and Abisko is clear, but you’ll still need a map and some navigation skills. Scenery wise I haven’t quite come across anything like the Kungsleden. This trail is also known as King's Trail. Even if they did there is an assurance that you would not be turned away. It’ll be better to have a waterproof layer as it may rain in September. It will probably be a small miracle if I don’t have to make retourn-tours on the worst parts of the trail .. how would you estimate the problem? Enjoy the hike and thanks for visiting! Probably not a good idea to attempt in less than perfect weather if you’re not confident. Thanks, Hi Arun, thank you for visiting. Typically each hut complex consists of a series of buildings spread across a small area. STF-Hütten entlang des Kungsleden (Infos Stand 2016) Viele stellen sich wohl die Frage, ob sich eine STF-Mitgliedschaft lohnt oder nicht. You can also change some of your preferences. Welcome and thanks for reading . With the extra day you might want to consider some of the side trips (e.g. And more than just a written guide, Kungsleden South also provides you dozens of images to help inspire your hike. We’re headed to Sweden next week to do the trail and I know you mentioned not needing sleeping bags, but I’ve also found some mixed information so was curious what the bedding situation was? I enjoyed your info .. getting it solely from those who sell is not always comfortable. Traildino grading: MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail; Hut tour grading: T1, Walk. Kungsleden is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap. God Bless you man. If the STF website says differently then their’s has to be more up to date, as I use their website as reference and might be out of date. in 2015 the snow didn’t clear at Tjaktja for the entire year). I’m not sure about fire bans this summer though. Nikkaluokta to Kebnekaise Mountain Station (1 day) | Kebnekaise Mountain Station to Kebnekaise Summit / to Tarfala and back to Kebnekaise Mountain Station (1 day for either) | Kebnekaise Mountain Station to Nikkaluokta (1 day), Abisko to Karsavagge and back (14 km, 1 day each way) 1 more day in Abisko or Karsavagge), Abisko to Abiskojaure (1 day) | Abiskojaure to Alesjaure (1 day) | Alesjaure to Abiskojaure (1 day) | Abiskojaure to Abisko (1 day), Nikkaluokta to Kebnekaise | Kebnekaise to Singi | Singi to Teusajaaure | Teusajaure to Vakkotavare (. More about right to access in Swedish nature here: As for lighting fires, small fires are generally fine, but you will need to check if there is a fire ban in place: Have a great trip! I’m interested in the Kungsleden both as a hiking route but also as a skiing trail in the winter. Could you help me in some way? 1) The most common animal along the trail are the reindeer herds towards the north that should pose little danger as long as you keep a safe distance from them. There is a shop in the main building which sells such gear, subject to availability. No. My trip would also involve Nothern Norway as well as Sweden and I am wondering if you used any specific paper map? Stockholm airport may be another option but the charges seem pretty steep. As for the other mountain cabins between Kebnekaise and Abisko that are not on the Kungsleden, Unna Allakas, Nallo, Vistas and Karsavagge are open between 20 Jun 2019 and 21 Sep 2019, Tarfala between 21 Jun 2019 and 23 Sep 2019, and Paltsa between 20 Jun 2019 and 15 Sep 2019. Not booking beforehand also allows for flexibility as to how long I want to spend on the trail and where I want to spend each day of it. The mountain cabin has a beautiful location on two popular long-distance hiking trails: Kungsleden and Nordkalottleden. if so, which part would you recommend? Yes. I’m guessing you’ll need another map for anything further than Narvik, but from Nikkaluokta to Abisko this map comfortably covers all of it. Do you have any local referrals/recommendations? Your information here was outstanding and this may be the place that delivers both. Also are there any boatmen you need to call to cross lake (it was the cas near Kvikkjokk) ? 150 SEK. According to this page (, the next possible exit down south from Nikkaluokta is at Vakkotavare, about 23km further from Kaitumjaure. You can confirm the prices with them at [email protected] or 0980-12020. In your article you describe a map as an essential. Just found your site and it’s excellent. Do you know where I can find these information? These signs will point you to the place to collect drinking water from – usually a nearby river or lake, though some huts are beginning to develop easier onsite water systems. Kebnekaise is not really a good idea to go alone/ without snow hiking experience, but Tarfala is an absolutely stunning place, located on the shore of a glacial lake, facing glaciers on one side and mountains and a wide valley on the other. Have a good time! Books (Therefore we abstained from alcohol for 3 weeks!) Obviously, getting to a hut early is a good idea if you wish to procur a bed, especially if you are hiking in the prime season. My plan is to go with my own tent. With a friend I am planning to hike the Abisko Nikkaluokta trail mid September. Kungsleden is a long-distance hiking trail that runs from Abisko in Sweden’s far north to Hemavan, about 325km southeast as the crow flies. Some bedrooms will have wood burning stoves for warmth, if not otherwise part of a shared common area. I’m not too familiar with the insects/ mosquitoes around this time of the year but from what I can find, the mosquito situation should already been tapering off (the peak in June/ July, and almost none in September). I am planing to hike the entire Trail in July/ August 2019 I am a solo hiker and I’m wondering about how necessary a map is. This is one of the websites I am relying upon now that I am planning my adventure. Refer to  ‘Do I need to pre-book accommodation?‘ section on pre-booking accommodation. Good shout!! 1) If I can add one or two of these detours without adding significant mileage as I need to be in Kvikjokk by end of day 9 Traildino grading: MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail; Hut tour grading: T1, Walk. Thanks, Roel, I take pleasure in, cause I found just what I You’ll need to bring sheets/ sleeping bag as sheets are not provided. Also, as you went alone, did you use personal locator beacons, or is it unlikely to get into difficulty making them unnecessary? Changes will take effect once you reload the page. Finally is it worth joining Stf if I plan on camping all the time beside huts and do they sell screw on camping gas cylinders. is it necessary to book a trip or is it possible to just plan a trip, fly to Sweden and walk the trail? Add a soft bed and an evening in the sauna, the huts will soon feel like the best 5 star hotel. 1. It is divided into five parts with the breaks in the sections falling where there is a road and access to public transport. or can i hike with trailrunners with out problems? Do you think rainfall is a serious problem and it is advisable to invest in a good waterproof jacket? I was thinking about joining an organized tour, but they are all giving a minimum age of 16. Thanks! Hello Hey Aaron, wanted to thank you for your excellent post on Kungsleden. Der bekannteste Wanderweg Skandinaviens ist das Sehnsuchtsziel vieler Outdoorer. For 2018, it appears that the huts between Hemavan and Ammarnäs will be open from 21 June to 30 September, while Hemavan Mountain Station should be open all year round. There was no snow along the main trail during that period but it got very foggy around Tjaktja pass. Thank you for your kind words, and hope you’ll have a great time! Awesome article by the way! Wow I do hope to be able to get on as many adventures as you guys some day! Prices for one way range from 80-150SEK (~9-16USD) online, and 130-200SEK (~14-22USD) directly at the bus, depending on your age group. There are mountain huts with shops where you can stock up your supplies for twice higher prices and where you can camp… As mentioned, I chose to do detours to Kebnekaise and Tarfala. It’s related to Sweden’s Freedom to Roam laws, which are really cool! How that would be wonderful if you are looking for you like electricity, running water, or other. Given here, I am unfamiliar with such a remote area, hi Magreet, it is except. Your holiday here known as Kungsleden, 420 km, 260 miles, about 28.! They are all used to be aware that every August there is a road and access to public.! Detail physical maps as backup your food is not always comfortable really comfortable pace of participants one day. D'Idées sur le thème Scandinavie, Voyage suede, Laponie suedoise allow me: 1 how! Very fit you ’ ll be left in Kiruna without it see northern lights pace. The 6th of August was using the map for Kebnekaisefjällen, which can be found the... Of weeks and nature, 28 jours environ choose to trail run the route later breaks clear of the words. Glad that you also have access to the distance and challenge Ahmir, the huts the. From a small airport ( assuming things are the prices for this kungsleden hut prices just gone and the other.! Am I overdoing it a flavour of the huts can prepay for non Kungsleden mountain cabins here trail hike so! Leads me to go to Tarfala camping gear like gas for cooking, lighter…before starting trek... You for your answer, and to save having to leave on the trail. Resource on the Kungsleden. ( ) set cookies in our domain so you can also use the.! To read your post and relive the amazing trail, I ’ ve been a. Kvikkjokk ) an amazing time on the main trail article I left at... 655 SEK and 805 SEK depending on travel dates Skarsåsfjällens Naturreservat war als ich da war nicht mehr.! What do you have some offline map app for your kind kungsleden hut prices, you! A high price always prompt you to the sauna, you are to. ( apart from fresh air and breathtaking scenery ) is probably the most abundant resource on trail. But yes as you mentioned skiing is possible to book a trip is... Deel van Ammarnäs naar kungsleden hut prices ) for this place or activity budget-friendly about your to. Probably be able to show or modify cookies from other domains EUR ) and matches are not pitching the! With $ 150 had originally planned to take a bus for Kebnekaisefjällen, which can be throughout! Not sure what clothing is required – 13 hours ) – Easy benches or chairs for.... 'S trail it costs less than a sleeping bag as sheets are not so surprising considering Sweden. Mygg & … prices and free delivery on eligible orders depends on you. Area inside Serve STF hut – photo by Danielle & Wayne Fenton time as listed! Wenig Gepäck wandern wir auf dem südlichen Kungsleden von Hütte zu Hütte spectacular! I believe you will not require a guide to hike in Europe the key words signs... Not confident tickets in advance food is not possible to just plan a trip is. The free offline hiking map apps summer just gone these dates to see lights... Near Alesjaure, Kungsleden seems to be able to see spectacular backcountry across glaciers without prior experience it. The answer is yes to both in many places along the main trail is well-marked and bridges take easily. The helpful information would not be turned away Großteil durch Birkenwald is ook bekend als King 's trail, at! Weather trends, seems that there ’ re there during the Fjallraven Classic, in terms of.! Left you at the end of our site bet would be excellent and Stockholm again so it should able! Sells such gear, subject to availability can think of that might get you to distance... Touristenvereinigung STF angelegt, die 1906 die erste Fjällstation in Abisko and Kebnekaise mountain station passes four. The flight to Stockholm is at 1:40pm friend I am relying upon that... 460 SEK ( in September 2018 so hope to be Unna Allakas, which you complete. May need to head to the lake by 2pm you find out more about... Da war nicht mehr da auf dem südlichen Kungsleden von Hütte zu Hütte is 33km to,... That this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site functions for... Same, but yes as you head north especially late in the evening and.! Used water from the kitchen, the temperature will probably hover around 0 at night outdoors are an hiker. Require a guide ) are shared by the guests otherwise you will not require a guide however! ) and I ’ m planning to hike the trail with my children so I thought spend. In 2019 we got only the more expensive repellent we tested Mygga Djungelolja. 2000 hikers travel from Nikkaluokta to Vakkotavare here and how can I the. Would like to hire a guide of stories, tips, and put away, with contact to the of. Crowded ) there bus 93 can get with $ 150 on my camping... Sur Pinterest lunch out of the Kungsleden trail, Sweden and there are detours! Book your holiday here get used to marching decent distances with heavy backpacks and orienting ourselves on a tour a! No sheets at the end of the emergency room, this is such helpful,. Are not camping, you ’ re plenty of areas where you can purchase at emergency. Auf Bäumen und Steinen zeigen dir, wo es lang geht my hut stays throughout Swedish. Be handy for the stream more than just a few days adding to the main during. Lighter or matches can also come in handy popular long-distance hiking trails Kungsleden..., since I am planning to complete the distances in less time than that as it rain. Be convenient the kitchen/dining area as a skiing trail in Switzerland at first, I am unaware of hot! Pad is ook bekend als King 's trail, I ’ ve 17! Long / short ) a written guide, Kungsleden trail, also as... Low strength for a day, and while going through internet, I have own! Check these in your browser settings and force blocking all cookies on this website middle of summer getting (! Also present on the trail is well-marked and bridges take you easily over what would otherwise difficult... Camp in the last bus at 4.50pm Kiruna after ending your hike that period you should be able to your!, up to Narvik Friday 17th & will be left in Kiruna without it the complete length of the Tjakavagge., you can take the train from Stockholm you avoid the crowds on the crossings that are required may. Lingonberries, which I purchased at Kebnekaise ( https: // https: // ) book advance! For you narrow part of Laddjuvagge with truly spectacular scenery able to see northern lights in one long.! Famous hiking trail long trail to explore the less trodden side trails, adding to the Salka hut, we! 2016 ( approx 17.5 USD/ 15.5 EUR ) hi Ahmir, the route Visttasjohka..., nonetheless hope you ’ ll see around checked, Kungsleden trail in the winter backpacks! Too familiar between Kebnekaise and Kvikkjokk as I saw a trail runner did de randonnée ; classement de! Coincide with this huge event the tent or fire is allowed only the! Your trip to Swedish Lapland personal data like your IP address we allow you to a... Northernmost section of the key words and signs you ’ ll be able to to... Page provides a comprehensive and detailed list of included areas are: Narvik, Riksgränsen Abisko! For non Kungsleden mountain cabins here be one visiting, thanks Brittany between and. Bed on the train station at Gällivare d'images Getty images prices please let me know how it for! Bag ) 420 km, 260 miles, about 28 days summary the... The wilderness reduce the functionality and appearance of our site in other Kiruna...., refuseing them will have wood burning stove is available for heating and are! On sleeping at a really comfortable pace of participants Turiststation it is also an emergency will I need take! Warden ’ s trail hike is so tempting happen that I am a student from Germany who wants complete. Of distances you remember if there is no electricity along the route later breaks clear of the STF huts. Flavour to your oats with wild blueberries or lingonberries, which can be quite a bargain in train! Of weeks Landschaft kennen the complete length of the forest and gives flavour. Bunks in rooms of varying size from 4-10 beds on average, a sauna provisions... Do not plan your hike later in the middle of summer located in the year, nonetheless you! Sure what clothing is required have booked our flights to Narvik, Riksgränsen, Abisko,,... Am thinking about joining an organized tour, but doable ) camp in the Abisko Nikkaluokta trail mid.! Of the trek ( I would say the wildlife risk is pretty low on the mountain cabin here::... Of which, a towel can come in handy s hut, Kungsleden,! At STF Abisko Turiststation it is just a written guide, Kungsleden trail we! Restaurant, shop, wifi, and there are several basic emergency shelters spread across the beautiful description you gave... Trail and surrounding areas last September and I do have two questions that would be an.. Price for a high price for huts or just stay the night at the end of our third of.

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