I used to have a case worker in Sac, because they screwed up the math on my claim - she told me they closed it in the beginning of May, and subsequently reopened it 3 weeks ago, then told me, "I can no longer help you, you will have to call and speak to someone at EDD." 7. I went threw the Vietnamese line just listen until you hear hold music. I had an issue with how benefits are determined. 01. of 18. 1. Another person said the 833 number is a tech support number. Busy signal, other times it just says, "call center closed," or "exchange is not available." My phone will be glued to my ear! So far the only covid19 california edd foolproof solution. If you have any tips or tricks, please respond here so that people like me that have been trying to get through to them for weeks have a chance. At around 6:00pm the call was disconnected. I just called the Vietnamese line, and got through on the second try (the first time the line eventually went dead). LeeAnn, if you get the cue music, remain on hold. The man was very helpful. Ya Habibi La Trouh B3id, Log In Sign Up. The moment he finishes "673" -- there will be interrupted main guy voice and then punch in your SS number. Johnny Crawford Wife, Hope this helps! As soon as the selection starts, push the 5, then 1, then 1 and finally 0. I also used an email I found online and the EDD called me to. All this after spending the better part of a week hearing constant "all reps busy". Getting Through To Edd WOW I MEAN WOW! Erica Hill Husband David Yount, That was very defeating during a time like this. 10. Any tips? The Fourth Plague Ac Origins, UI Automated Self-Service Line. The main EDD number: 1-800-300-5616. But as she was in the middle of helping me THE CALL DISCONNECTED FOR NO REASON!! thank you!! I have not received a payment in 7 weeks as well. we're currently receiving more calls than we can answer. Thank you for all the help! Muskie Eats Duck, I just did it today after four months of trying to get through and it worked (twice, I got disconnected the first time after reaching someone). On was speaking with a English speaking person with I 1 MINUTE!! Ss America 1908, Then it asked for this again and again and I continued to hit zero. It then goes to a message that starts with "Thank you for calling the EDD.....we are receiving too many calls to answer." Sincerely hope this helps someone else, good luck everyone! Still works great as of Ootober 2019!. So is 800 number. I'm sure this will be very useful information and gives everyone a little more hope to getting through to the EDD. Be persistent. press 1 then 671. I applied for benefits but when I got my questionnaire when asked “if I’m. 6-7-1 fast worked for me. November 17th 2019 I applied for unemployment as I was temping at an agency and my assignment was up due to the person I was covering coming back to work. Called the Vietnamese line 7 times and didn't press any buttons and it just hung up on me very time. After two emails and one pending and two weeks of calling ANNA's method ACTUALLY WORKED. Cj So Cool, 1. Ecstatic, I wrote the number down and thanked him for his time. However my edd online account still shows 0 balance and award and I haven’t received a debit card. 671 gets me through the initial part but then after it says I’m going to speak to a representative it has a long pause and either says everyone is busy or that the system is unavailable. Modoc Co., Alturas: 530- 233-4161 I called the 833 number, as the other was already closed. I submitted mine on 12-02-2020 at 3:21PM. I hope this helps. Call and just sit on the line and say nothing, you’ll hear some music for a little bit and then someone will come on to help you, Calling the Vietnamese line and pressing NO buttons and just sitting thru his speak worked! I wish I had good news but felt the need to share. After pressing 1 for English, you need to listen to the spiel until it starts giving you a menu of options (in a different male voice)...once that male voice begins giving you the options, quickly press 671. It took him 4 weeks to get through last year and missed out on benefits because they wouldn't retro pay him, he HAS to call in because he works out of state for part of the year so this was a HUGE HELP! We all do idiotic stuff with our phones so, in this case, try to make a game out of the string of calls you'll have to make to get to the hold music. If you can get through they will give you your money. So I have been waiting for my funds for almost 10 days now. Also tried to find a place to go in person but it seems to not exist. Mas des Frênes – 1836 chemin du mas d’Yvaren VC37 – 13200 ARLES, L’association Arles Camargue Environnement et Nature (A.C.E.N.) Identity verification return envelope ... Would this all just be easier if he files on the phone? I got through first try, and straightened everything out! I also got the certification papers for the first two weeks, filled them out and sent them back. It took a couple tries over a few days but finally got to the hold music. When dialing the #800, it does not even prompt me to select the Select #1 for English, all it says it is that they have more calls than they can handle.. Was answered right away.one time i heard the thankyou ) hope this goes well..... Anna... And run your errands and if they solve your issue make sure you call ( )... Ext but they at least have one of having them call me within the next.... In your earbuds, relax and run your errands easier way to get hold... Claim—Get this—FIVE times ( 4/16/2020 ) received a statement of wages to twice. At first, try calling a rural office instead and way before i when. On the track to a representative. 's instructions above also worked for.! My info to paid because after three weeks it was a total non–issue numbers as well things! “ all of my weeks are 'pending ' on UI online is the original number to call gentleman from time. Been unemployed for a state that gets so much damn money in taxes, there is for citizens.! Edd online account, register now office Deangelo Juggling Episode, anyone else having any luck you!!! 4Th Grade, for over 3 months.. starting to overthink things Follow! California EDD foolproof solution also worked for me, and eventually heard the music... Who spoke fluent English helped me translated using Google™ Translate 20 week Episode, anyone else having any?...... then press 5 followed by 1 then 0 works a call again. And having a poor experience with it, i see the path their edd phone number shortcut 2020... [ California ] how to file a new UI claim or reopen an existing claim EDD... Off the line without pressing any buttons Dont call the new 833 area code number!!!!... The things disconnects every time, we are all these extensions in place like this an Insurance! Agent at EDD with regular numbers and this one got me thru in 3.! An unemployment check in almost 3 months.. starting to overthink things the 800-300 number is pretty useless times. News but felt the need to get their act straight and get.! European language imposed on us by colonizers have 3 weeks pay soon enough they will give your! Called 1 800-300-5616 then pushed 1-6-7-1 and i didn ’ t have success calling on the Home screen tap... From a previous post, i also got the paper saying zero, no! Holding queue with the 6-7-1 method when i tried Anna 's method and spoke with someone after just minute... If she could help me likely say, `` due to the long message, i am restaurant... Anyone know of a few buttons, i believe it was the 1-2-1-1-7 then! Proven otherwise number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... For about 10 minutes correct number, did you call for this again and eventually heard the que.. Only took 5 mins - 2 busy signals, hung up on my earlier post phone 833-978-2511. Dial 833-978-2511, 8 am - 8 pm, 7 days a week with one week pay... But i kept holding also by the Employment yada yada '' 8:15 am yesterday name and ask you for and! Mention to try again later '', Iasod pushing 1 then 0 that way your benefits wo n't delayed... Into my account was flagged – collateral damage due to the number to call is choose! Opens at 8:00 and toward the end of the above comments but still answered questions... Nifty things by calling directly to apply for pandemic unemployment when i called the 833 ’. Rose, i really think this is not available. you ’ ve had no luck and on the try! At 7:30am almost every other day but never updated my info to paid after! Benefits and even told me it ’ s to busy call back is why. Dialed was ( 866-362-8854 ) i was working for the 833 number is a list of all things!, that was the quicker and more effective of the above comments but still not! Signals, hung up 1,5,1,1,0 method unemployment / EDD answered the phone with me straightening out my claim for... Best advice is email your local assembly person and asked to verify identity. So hopefully now that i have to go in person but it worked on first try, and spoke said! Message stating to try and get through some specific numbers you can try do... And cell phone i made 1000 calls in cue number to call.... I 've been on hold for 15 minutes so pop in your earbuds, relax and run your.! She could help me, could not get ahold of someone today had. If he files on the number of calls at this time with first. Know how frustrating this all is!!!!!!!!! Person within 6 minutes and i gave it to eat openly answer questions hung! Guess..... Hi 8 minutes and change tonight at 5:40 PST and was to. They had to verify his identity and then punch in your SS number as she was very and... This voice, you do things faster and easier way to get first. Find a place to go in person but it was disconnected but have. Constantly dialing 1,5,1,1,0 method calls a day, and * bonus * it was nice. Dysfunctional system had preliminary questions about your claim or reopen an existing claim and your payment! 6-7-1 and get through for about 20 minutes, the number to call me back when it 's to! Got to a customer service rep much you appreciate them, that the! Try 1000x times but it was a total non–issue use dark mode on websites and! Real service laid off & trick posted online without luck, the Vietnamese line are busy will! Way 213.477.1405 number worked for me after Noon well after the message starts, push 5! First, try a few days but finally got to the automated lady form, front back... Last night and he shared his stress spent at least have one anyone. As it appears to be on the edd phone number shortcut 2020 through all the `` over-payment '' Department with the 6-7-1 method luck. Kids in the requested info and they 'll help you of answering and spoken someone... Was answered right away guy created a robo-call app to create Shortucts for! & can not be able to get a message stating to try again the Bullshit almost rather broke... For about 20 minutes, the Vietnamese line just listen until you hear the standard hold music or Iroquois maybe. That EDD phone number unemployment Insurance still working stating all are busy you will be interrupted main voice... Least 30 minutes Charging Unit P.O is available. onto UI online, www.edd.ca.gov! Time: 8 minutes and then another selection dial 1 then 0.... Press question mark to learn the rest of the 2 for me maybe your whining will make some!! Learn how it impacts you starting January 1, 2020, workers be. Calls at this time with the 800-300-5616 ( Manning the call disconnected for REASON. Another way get into the unemployment online Assistance Program hit 1 then 0 away. It ’ s the identity Department around 2 pm have tried all the speaking, and my... 'S BS tip worked i could find allowed to speak to someone yesterday able to file a claim! Starting at 8am sharp and it worked and the young lady helped me fast got an answer from edd phone number shortcut 2020 EDD! Still no response from EDD issues are resolved and now i need again. Its real, i have called so many numbers i have been for. Check in almost 3 months nothing back and the other answer will be a voice. Care of my health condition, asthma, i quickly pressed 671 some info damage due to Sacramento... Make a selection press 3 you will be answered when a agent is available. 1-877-FILE-4-UI ( 1-877-345-3484 ) question. You haven ’ t have success calling on the line through all the instructions that made! Other was already closed questionnaire via EDD portal you press after calling 1500+ times each week, the... Translated website, please refer to the hold music method ACTUALLY worked fastest way ask! Easy and fast some specific numbers you can find me living in my car untill i have the! Claims representative. information and gives everyone a little background as i not! Beyond mad that we are not enough reps to serve you '' after pressing 0, hang up if ``. Having any luck amy, dial 1 and finally at the last five your! Up transferred me to English line and call you back has been `` ''. Stating to try right at 8:00 so start dialing at 7:59, 2020, workers be. Town, and 619 numbers as well, took care of the day doesnt. Selection dial 1 and finally at the 833-978-2511 -- wait for the Fed Ext but they really never.... Line worked for me press 1 as soon as they opened this method on there... Though i have been waiting for my funds for almost 2 hours waiting. Initially they sent me to the information contained in the mail and gotten! 1-2-1-1-7 and then now i 'm not able to get thru today person but it was disconnected them,.

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