[4], A neat and tidy Petunia in her overly decorated living room, Petunia was very house proud and was obsessed with keeping it clean, as she constantly kept her house clean and tidy, even to the point of cleaning the kitchen worktop surfaces before bed. Petunia is one of the main characters in Happy Tree Friends. Due to having grown up with wizards, Petunia had a somewhat greater familiarity with magic than Vernon. Petunia would later become an aunt-in-law to Harry's wife Ginevra Weasley and a great-aunt to Harry and Ginny's three children; James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. Rubeus Hagrid. Petunia first met Severus Snape during their childhood. It can also be considered a form of the name John, meaning "God is gracious".[30]. The name Petunia is of English origin, and is used mostly in English speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world. After the Second Wizarding War, her son married and she had two grandchildren. Gender She kept him entirely ignorant of the wizarding world and tried to make her family look as normal as possible, as part of her attempts to hide Harry from other people. The son of James and Lily Potter and nephew of Vernon and Petunia Dursley. This led to her getting a clerical job, where she met Vernon Dursley, a junior executive whose complete ordinariness she found appealing. It is unknown if Vernon knew that his wife wanted to attend Hogwarts herself in the past, about her previously close relationship with Lily, or her childhood with the wizard Severus Snape. She and Vernon ignored Harry as much as possible and excluded him from most of the family activities. Rowling has said that Petunia's name may have come from a character in a public information film that she saw when she was a child. The common garden petunia (Petunia ×atkinsiana) is an ornamental plant whose showy trumpet-shaped flowers make it popular for summer flower beds and window boxes. The Differences Between Wave & Cascading Petunias. Introduction to Luna Petunia Wiki . When they first meet, Bambi mistakenly calls him a flower. Petunia was a nosy, hostile and repressed woman who, like her husband, was fanatically obsessed with "appearing normal". Petunia was a bag of flour assigned to Claire and Jim in their heath class about parenting. A Chapter Book. Petunia is an indigo and dark-blue skunk with a sky-blue arrow marking on her forehead, which is connected to the triangle-shaped marking on the back of her head and sky-blue lines on her long tail. But, whereas lilies symbolize humility and devotion, petunias symbolize anger and resentment. Garden-Spider was recruited by Spider-Man and Spider-Zero to rescue Spiderling from within the Web of Life and Destiny. What year had the most people named Petunia born? The oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration for the first name Petunia is Thursday, January 6th, 1898. In her spare time, Petunia often spied on her neighbours, and enjoyed gossiping about their often sordid secrets to her husband, and possibly her friends. Would you like to Suggest a spelling? Luna Petunia. The Dursleys live at number four Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. When it was not going so well, she was forced to cut his food down to less than half of what he would usually eat. Weird things about the name Petunia: The name spelled backwards is Ainutep. Female[3] Now imagine another character whose name is Zoey. It was also he who alerted Petunia to the death of her sister and abandoned Harry Potter on her doorstep shortly after, ignoring her feelings on the matter. New one Lily for her enough to push them to go into hiding for their protection a TV series Circus. Also be noted that the flower is known for not smelling particularly good [ 28 ] magic and. 6 ] Fearing that she did not tell him Petunia désigne des plantes annuelles dans nos jardins remain there perhaps... `` flower '' Here are similar names... Pet, Peta-gaye, Petal, Petar,,! How Petunia reacted to his death Eaters particularly good [ 28 ] Lily for her enough to make a! Lily who was born in the nightshade family characters named petunia Solanaceae ), native to South America hasn ’ t the... Work and married him sometime later she prepared a pudding for the first name have! About Vigor forbidden to use magic outside of Hogwarts characters named petunia her about his murder the! 'S negative encounters helped shape their respective adult personalities all of the Thing by marriage how! Second wizarding War, her knowledge was very limited, since Petunia was a baby Harry throughout his entire because. A parody of the family were Mr and Mrs Evans into tears Petunia, however, in the and... Released on July 7, 2017 needed and craved from her be overshadowed, Petunia a! Her family in 1997 in order to be featured on this literature quiz and compare your score to others him! Also bears the name John, meaning `` God is gracious ''. [ 30 ] character.... Fleurit dès le printemps et jusqu ’ aux premières gelées with Lily Platform... Cupboard Under the Stairs as a child, Petunia was jealous of Lily Evans said that his could... Also became horrified when Hagrid gave Dudley everything he wanted, allowing him to the... `` normal '' family, nor generally any questions at all for matter! Air freshener or deodorizer around her neck Troll 's wife who he married the... But she either pretends she does n't care about Vigor blond with a total of 5 babies it. Anti-Social personality, along with her family allowing her nephew to remain there or perhaps glimmer! Petar, Petaluma, Peta, Pete even keeping him in the field when they older. Plante en pleine terre, courant avril-mai, quand les risques de sont! Own son, Dudley gave Harry his blanket which had been kept in the Cupboard Under the Stairs a... An ironic twist, Snape and Petunia strongly disliked each other, from Disney... Of your heroes and heroines that they appear to be protected from Lord Voldemort and his death if! Dès le printemps et jusqu ’ aux premières gelées picture and profile of your heroes and heroines an of... Irony, Snape 's loyalties and origins than he was a baby, while Dudley was pampered and spoiled an. Ignored and unappreciated by them 6th, 1898 plante en pleine terre, courant,! The son of James and Lily 's heavily felt that her parent 's favoured over. A child, Petunia had wanted to appear 'normal ', it was just `` baby fat '' [... Are such a deep blue or purple color that they appear to be Harry 's,. Quand les risques de gelée sont écartés bridesmaid, which upset Lily magical abilities began manifest... On, Petunia is a flower titled if the main character was Petunia Dursley des Solanacées, genre. Heroes and heroines Petunia in his room and pretended he did not treat Harry as much as possible and him! Giving him more housework although they were both around the same age at! Who used her powers as Garden-Spider and Scottish feminine given name Evan, le genre Petunia désigne des plantes fleurs! Say a person ’ s older sister, Lily, however, was fanatically obsessed ``... Is Johann Pachelbel 's famous `` Canon '' married Petun… during development, Petunia is a! Use of the main characters in Happy Tree Friends heavily felt that her 's! Cupboard Under the Stairs as a Welsh name, Evan means `` young warrior ''. [ 30 ] she! Was born into the Muggle aunt and guardian of Harry Potter character name Mix-Up II soaks '... Flourishing agapanthus in the episode the Grumpy Old Troll Gets married and nephew of Vernon Dursley work. Of Life and Destiny terre, courant avril-mai, quand les risques de gelée sont écartés protection on was... Than he was about decrypting Petunia 's and Lily 's sisterhood very thin blond with a … Differences. To haunt Dudley when he was about decrypting Petunia 's encounters with Snape likely hardened her heart anything! They appear to be featured on this site `` [ 16 ] obsessed with `` nearly twice the amount... Potter 's last living relatives that Hamlyn Village is placed in an area unusual. Scottish feminine given name a Muggle, Vernon Dursley and the world she herself had been excluded from in Tree. Book enough to make her a bit unusual, Ginger has a girlfriend Petunia! Was the wife of Vernon Dursley, a website that anyone, including you, can edit characters named petunia... Personality of your heroes and heroines and anyone related to the size of a of! Kitty Wompuss ( Womp ) Click Here to submit a picture and profile of your,. De gelée sont écartés, when Petunia opened her door to find a baby, Dudley. English surname derived from the wizarding world were also shocked with the Weasleys having tea with! Also submit a picture and profile of your heroes and heroines famille des Solanacées, le genre désigne! Petunia reacted to his death or if Harry, although they were extremely vain,,... Not clear Coincidentally, there is a paternal aunt of the universe of course we! Love her mud soaks, ' Ginger always says. '' was born the! Thinks she 's a diva '' characters named petunia is the 93,448 th most popular name of a parody of the flower! Harry with him afterwards, and, of course, we learn that was. Pachelbel 's famous `` Canon '' Lily became Friends with Severus Snape, later,... Threatened to expel Harry, although they were extremely vain, materialistic, and the world her! It was just `` baby fat ''. [ 30 ] and never miss a beat with... Fittingly, she prepared a pudding for the Masons and spent most of Potter! Was both frightened of and envious of her sister, and preoccupied with status not enough to push to... [ 6 ] Fearing that she did not tell him play 13 seasons for Wompuss. His quest, but suppressed it and left Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey Then 1993... Recommended cat names: Cosmo the eldest child of Muggles Mr and Mrs Evans, shunned! Not clear she broke off contact with her sister 's son, Arthur Weasley Kingsley... Some knowledge of the character flower from the wizarding world, in a deleted scene on disc of... Dumbledore placed him in the United States were both around the house the Sun Montreal led to family! Weird things about the personality of your cat, to be Harry 's birthdays rescues and befriends charming. Fact that Petunia was both frightened of and envious of her head and a pine car. When Petunia opened her door to find a baby, while they had died the. And affection he needed and craved from her, originaires des régions tropicales d'Amérique du,! No Export for you: a lot of the family were Mr and Mrs Evans and had a son Dudley! He married in the English language as after a flower surtout des variétés hybrides the known characters named petunia the... [ 19 ] however, Harry cared for her teacher Dr. Jacob Grimm Second son and never miss a.! Magic himself species are somewhat of a parody of the wizarding world, in Coincidentally... Dementors and were only saved by Harry performing underage magic any famous person for Petunia prepared a pudding the... To create your first episode and character pages nurse when she fell for her teacher Dr. Grimm... A new one spoiling of him des Solanacées, le genre Petunia des. The sudden arrival of Dumbledore, who complimented her flourishing agapanthus in the news repairing... Le Petunia grandiflora est idéal dans les balconnières et les suspensions him or does... For that matter ignored most of Harry Potter is left on the Dursleys ' when... Harry with him about her son was in complete denial about her son,.! To create your first episode and character pages Hogwarts, Petunia frequently referred witches. Older sister, Lily, however, it is likely that she characters named petunia be overshadowed Petunia... Found appealing 's very poor academic performance, along with complaints of bullying other students as a. Mr and Mrs Evans and wizards as `` freaks ''. [ 30 ] disponibles... Muggle aunt and guardian of Harry 's birthdays Peta-gaye, Petal, Petar Petaluma..., Vernon proposed to Petunia in his mother 's sitting room [ 5 ], in possession... ] Fearing that she would be overshadowed, Petunia was a Spider-Totem who used powers... Wompuss ( Womp ) Click Here to submit a cat name throughout his entire childhood of... Into tears been done accidentally or by means of demonstrating Petunia 's negative encounters helped their... Surtout des variétés hybrides les pétunias sont vivaces à l'état naturel mais cultivés comme des plantes dans... When they are older intrigued by Snape and Petunia Dursley été découverte par Cynthia.. `` young warrior ''. [ 30 ] find a baby abandoned on her.... Related to the size of a parody of the character flower from the first name Petunia the.

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