I used to be horrible at coming up with sticky ideas, and just never even thought about doing it for my online business (which is why I have practically no sticky ideas in some of my earlier content). I have restructured my article and incorporated your feedback. He says that it’s similar with your content, and helps you create content that has a strong base with 20 additional floors, making it the “tallest skyscraper out there”, which everyone talks about. This principle teaches us how to treat people kindly and with respect: Ok, we went over what Sticky Ideas are, we looked at 10 principles of Sticky Ideas, as well as over 20 examples of real Sticky Ideas from experts, authors, and entrepreneurs. I haven’t heard of that one and will check it out. Don’t Criticize, Condemn, or Complain (Dale Carnegie), Step #2: Find Your Sticky Idea Candidates, Step #5: Create Your Sticky Idea Portfolio. A grief casserole was her answer. Put up a parking lot. Click here to watch The Briefcase Technique. Saying something short is not the mission — sound bites are not the ideal. There was an error submitting your subscription. If it’s the latter, you don’t. That will make it stickier and simpler :). Use SUCCESs to ensure that people can’t forget your ideas even if they tried! I also remember how Ward Cunningham used stories, as a form of mental judo, to share ideas. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. She lifted the hair off the back of her neck and read on, but the sticky heat was too distracting. When you’re coming up with your Sticky Ideas, think about any alternative methods you have for achieving the results that they want that they might find more enjoyable than other methods currently available to them. Thanks for sharing! He dropped the sticky pouch in her hand. Your email address will not be published. Jennifer says: Click here to read about the 80/20 Content Promotion Rule. There are three factors to the tipping point to occur:• The law of a few• The stickiness factor• The power of context, Now i have a recipe for the second one – the stickiness, Well good — I’m expecting lots of sticky ideas from you from now on , […] this article from design agency Mat Dolphin sometime last year, and it’s proved to be quite a ‘sticky’ idea as far as my general stream of consciousness is concerned. If you can take a few minutes to take a look at it (http://bit.ly/star-technique), I’d love to hear your feedback or suggestion to refine it further. Brian makes a point that “nobody cares about the 11th tallest building in the world”, but everyone is attracted to the absolute tallest one. I don’t remember when I first heard about Seth Godin’s First, Ten idea, but I do remember that I only had to hear it once to remember it for life. By stories, they mean that using stories with your sticky ideas will get people to act as it will inspire them to improve their lives. Some of the ideas provide an alternative, “better” way for achieving the same result: They usually help people avoid something they hate / don’t enjoy doing (write a lot, give up bacon, feel like they need to attract hundreds of thousands of people to their business if they want to live off of it). And if you enjoyed reading this guide, I’d love for you to share it with a fellow entrepreneur that would love to read it. It also includes a weekly “cheat day” where you can more or less go crazy and eat all the foods you’ve been craving the week before. To make it easier to decide which clients to work with (or what to work on in your business), Rich recommends polarizing your decisions to only two choices – “Hell Yeah”, “Hell No”. The simple idea behind The Paleo Diet is to eat like our ancestors ate in the Paleolithic age (which is why some people also refer to it as “The Caveman Diet”) and to avoid eating foods like grains, bread and refined sugars which weren’t available back then. Research shows that people are more likely to make a charitable gift to a single needy individual than to an entire impoverished region. … In proverbs, abstract truths are often encoded in concrete language: "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush." The statistics "37 grams" doesn’t elicit any emotions. By now, you should have a pretty good idea how to spot sticky ideas in the world and understand why they’re sticky. Four links in a vertical column. Sarina says: January 30, 2019 at 12:46 pm The prompts help so much! When Derek told me about sticky ideas it all made sense. Surround Yourself With Successful Entrepreneurs, Becoming a Star Student in Online Business Courses. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. As far as sticky ideas go, he has a whole mountain of them under his belt, and it’s worth studying how he creates them. The Golden Rule is the ultimate model of simplicity: a one-sentence statement so profound that the individual could spend a lifetime learning to follow it.”. But then, instead of just writing a ton of content, he recommends spending 4x the amount of time promoting your content to make sure it gets into the hands of people who need to read it (“you should spend 20% of the time creating content and 80% of the time promoting it”). Speaking concretely is the only way to ensure that our idea will mean the same thing to everyone in our audience.”. Sticky ideas are understood, remembered, and shared. I heard about the 5 love languages book from a friend when I asked them how to improve my relationships with people that were important to me. You can see where the name comes from :). Great job on the STAR technique! Click here to read about The Slow Carb Diet. One such example was The Lean Review, which is the most read blog post on my website (so far) in 2019, and an idea that many of my clients and readers implemented and told me about it afterwards. It will probably only come to you after many revisions and after actually testing it. They say that sticky ideas are one or more of the following: By simple, they mean that the closer you can get to the core of the idea, the stickier the idea will be. You can download the Sticky Idea Checklist through the orange box below – enjoy! Tap into emotions to convey your point. “Read this book. Sam is one of my private coaching clients, and when I interviewed him for a guide I’m writing about growing your email list, he shared one sticky idea that caught my attention – the FAST method. Naturally sticky ideas are full of concrete images—ice-filled bathtubs, apples with razors—because our brains are wired to remember concrete data. It will help. Capture more lead data with forms. What does “Don’t Criticize, Condemn or Complain” mean? Instead of saying “you should do this”, you can say “I call this the [STICKY IDEA]. We instantly want to know more about the idea. If you’ve ever come across an article or image or story that you seem to encounter wherever you turn, the article, image, or story was a sticky one. -I think you do explain the technique pretty well throughout the article, but when I don’t have the context, the 1-minute summary confuses me. That’s a question that Chip & Dan Heath spent years learning about, researching and answering, that they discuss at length in the book. Here's one you can use, customize, and launch in super quick time. You can read through these ideas, check them out in more detail through the relevant links, or simply skim through them and stop on ones that you find the most interesting (it’s quite a list!). Sticky ideas have to carry their own credentials, notes Made to Stick: “We need ways to help people test our ideas for themselves — a ‘try before you buy’ philosophy for the world of ideas. If you enjoyed this post, check out our 6 part series with examples of stickiness in action: Simple; Unexpected; Concrete; Credible; Emotional; Stories; Hey! They’re simple. The book is built around the core concepts of Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset, which are great examples of sticky ideas. Dan and Chip describe them as ideas that are more like velcro in our minds, they attach themselves at many points in our neural network and as such it makes them more memorable and easier to recall later. “So Derek, how do I do that? Reply. 30 Fantastic Examples of Fixed Navigation Menus in Web Design . How do you make an idea stick? There were a lot of great ideas in the book, but the Time Management Matrix is the one idea I still use to mentally organize the work I want to do. Sticky Ideas fosters critical thinking while students learn the writing process. If not, it isn’t. Instead, you should attend the conference like you’re “on a mission”, host intimate dinners with other attendees you want to meet within a conference, strategically connect with speakers, and make sure you get the most out of a conference that way. C REDIBLE – Psychologically sticky ideas are believable – they have both ‘internal credibility’ (they make sense, and are not self-contradictory) and ‘external credibility’ (they have proof or authority to support them). Next, you’ll want to apply the Sticky Idea Thinking to your own business as well. The idea behind The Mindless Margin is that small choices (like eating from bigger vs smaller plates, or buying a bigger vs smaller box of cereal) can invisibly help us lose or gain weight. Sticky ideas are those ideas that have certain traits that allow us to recall the concept or meaning very easily. For example, anyone can bring a Mac’n’Cheese Grief Casserole to a friend that’s grieving, heartbroken, or in a bad mood. The FAST method is a method for solving dynamic programming questions in coding interviews: I’ve been a big fan of Cal Newport’s work ever since I read his books So Good They Can’t Ignore You and Deep Work. We make them feel something. Hey Stephanie, I’m glad you enjoyed the guide and the BONUS! You can download your Sticky Idea Checklist here, together with the FULL PDF version of this 16,000+ Word Guide: Once you have a list of your first few Sticky Ideas, you can go and test them in the world to see which of them stick. For our idea to endure, we must generate interest and curiosity. My notes, as I’m reading through the 1-minute summary: By unexpected, they mean that the ideas that have a counterintuitive twist will be stickier than the ones that don’t. Keep it simple and profound. But sooner or later, you’ll unlock a few signature ideas that you’ll become known for for years to come. Unexpectedness ; Principle 3. Other examples are the IPod, where you can have 1,000’s of songs on a hand-held device. 69. Sticky Ideas: Winter. What is The 80/20 Content Promotion Rule? Can’t wait to see you test these ideas out Jerome! Click here to learn more about becoming a Conference Commando. When you’re coming up with your Sticky Ideas, make sure they’re extremely easy to implement without any real “requirements”. Please try again. I'd like to receive the free email course. Ver más ideas sobre educacion, escuela, clase de español. Once you find your first few ideas that stick, you’ll want to document them in a Sticky Idea Portfolio. Sign In My Account. Any time you catch yourself thiking negatively or pessimistically, you can work through: This framework helps you “flip” negative thoughts and actions into positive ones. How to increase brand awareness through consistency; Dec. 11, 2020. While less main-stream than The Paleo Diet, The Slow Carb Diet is a sticky idea worth mentioning that went extremely viral among Tim Ferris’s readers after being mentioned in his 4 Hour Body book (as you can see by the 7,221 comments on his blog post about the diet). Please try again. 80/20 Content Promotion Rule (Derek Halpern), 19. ), you can share it with 10 of your ideal customers. The Slow Carb Diet is a diet that is focused on eating mostly carbohydrates that get absorbed into your body “slowly”, such as legumes and vegetables. Thanks so much for your personal feedback, Primoz! Meanwhile, people with important ideas, struggle to make their ideas stick. Once you have a list of at least a few Sticky Idea Candidates, it’s time to repackage them to make them sticky. Even though I wasn’t looking for a job, I devoured all of his content so I could soak up all of his knowledge that I possibly could. Their definition of a sticky idea is “an idea that is understandable, memorable, and effective in changing thought or behavior”. Not all ideas are “stick-worthy”, though it is possible to systematically create sticky ideas, or to learn to spot ideas with potential. Six Principles of Sticky Ideas . Sticky ideas have to carry their own credentials – not necessarily hard facts or numbers – but triggers that connect your story to audiences’ real life experiences. By emotional, they mean that your ideas should make people care and envoke emotions in them through stories and appealing to self-interests and identities. If it’s the former, you have a sticky idea. The idea behind The Lean Review is to avoid doing a 20-hour annual review (if you don’t have the time for it or just don’t want to do it), and instead plan out your whole year in under 20 minutes, with the leanest possible approach. Simplicity. … Research shows that mentally rehearsing a situation helps up perform better when we encounter that situation in the physical environment. -I feel like you have too many ideas in this idea. Becca says: August 18, 2017 at 11:25 am Totally using this for our anniversary- thank you! In his book, Cal talks about the concepts of “Deep Work” and “Shallow Work”. You want to stop thinking in terms of “creating content” and start thinking in “creating and sharing Sticky Ideas”. You can do that by going through the following steps: Now that you have a solid understanding of what sticky ideas are, you’ll automatically start seeing Sticky Ideas in every book or blog post you read, as well as every podcast episode, online course or speech you listen to. … But surprise doesn’t last. To make your life easier, I put together a Sticky Idea Checklist for you that you can follow step by step and make your ideas, with exact questions you can ask yourself and examples you can use for inspiration. Rather than just “swinging” the interview, Ramit recommends doing research on the company up-front and preparing a detailed plan on how you can help it up-front. No scrolling logo, no search bar, nothing else to get in the way. We’ll cover examples of products and messages that have the stickiness factor and look at why the message needs to be sticky for businesses to succeed. Home Shop Resources Blog ... presented in step-by-step examples, to show educators how to guide students through any writing project in a fun and functional approach. For example, the Slow-Carb Diet became so popular because of how many lost a lot of weight with it (so they talked about it with their friends, family, etc.). The Time Management helps us organize all of our tasks by how urgent and important they are, into 4 categories: Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People is one of my favorite books of all time, and it taught me so much about how to show up in the world as a nice person that people like hanging out with. And always come up with new ones whenever you create new e-books, blog posts or online courses. But what should you include in your sticky bar? Keep testing them. I first heard about the idea years ago and still keep it in the back of my mind whenever I think about how to run my business, write new content, and develop new products and services, as it serves as a great guiding point for nurturing relationships with my clients (and attracting new ones). Never Eat Alone from Keith Ferrazzi was the first book I read about connecting with influencers and finding mentors, long before I met Keith at a party at his house in the Hollywood Hills. Or do people have a hard time remembering the name of the idea, even when you bring it up to them? By Zack Rutherford on Jan 17th, 2018 Inspiration. Create engagement. Evening all. Some ideas are very “sticky” meaning they are lasting, generative, and convey an important message. Chip and Dan write: “How do we make people believe our ideas? I remembered all of my favorite experts, authors and entrepreneurs, and their sticky ideas quickly came to mind: If you think about your favorite expert, author or entrepreneur, they’re probably known for a sticky idea as well. I can definitely say that the six principles of sticky ideas resonate. The more painful, the bigger, and the more common problem they solve, the more likely they are to stick. How do I come up with one? One of my favourite sticky ideas is the intermittent fasting that Dr Rhonda Patrick talks about. ConvertFlow deeply integrates with your marketing tools. And while it’s true that some experts on the list were known before coming up with Sticky Ideas, I personally only heard about them once they came up with them (a great example is Mindset from Carol Dweck – I kept hearing the concept of Growth Mindset over and over again and eventually checked out her book). But since I know that you’re here because you want to come up with your own sticky ideas that you can use in your blog posts, e-books, online courses, books and public speeches, let’s talk about the final piece of the puzzle – coming up with your own sticky ideas. There’s a reason we can all recite quite a few proverbs. Dec. 15, 2020. The 6 Principles of Sticky Ideas (From Made to Stick), 4 BONUS Principles of Sticky Ideas For Online Entrepreneurs, 20 Sticky Idea Examples From Experts, Authors and Entrepreneurs, 2. Just as we speak different languages, we also have different “love languages” in which we express love and feel loved (like giving gifts, physical touch or words of affirmation). I wanted to understand how top performers in all walks of life think differently than everyone else, and find ways to improve my own mindset. I might move it towards the end of the article instead. On-click Sticky Bars and Popups are the best kind when it comes to a permission-based interaction. -A GIF would be REALLY useful to show what you mean with the demonstration, if that’s what you wanted to do Surprise your audience. You can learn more about the ABCDE Framework here. Re: STICKY: Motivation Letter Ideas and Examples. I love that it has headings on the sticky notes, to give you ideas on what to write. You can do that by following the Sticky Idea Principles that I shared above, and applying at least a few of the principles to your ideas. We need to be counterintuitive. 17.95. It doesn’t matter if you put them in a spreadsheet, write them down in a notepad, or into a Google Document. My Best-Seller in Productivity and Time Management, Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, How to Define Your Innovation Objectives and Innovation Goal According to Drucker, You Need Your North Star To Find Your Focus, Peace of Mind is the Ultimate Key to Progress, 101 of the Greatest Insights for Work and Life, Trends for 2013: The Rise of the Entrepreneur. In short, I think you can simplify this idea a lot by making just ONE clear connection like “whenever you’re stressed out, look at the stars and release your control to God”. Sticky sentence examples. If you pay close attention to powerful ideas in the entrepreneurship space, you’ll notice that every sticky idea is really just a solution to the problem that the audience of the expert is having, and it’s designed to be sticky. And yet, there will only be a handful of signature Sticky they are remembered by. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. Chip and Dan write: “How do we get people to act on our ideas? There’s one key thing that almost EVERY successful YouTube video, blog post, online course or book has in common. First Name Email Address We use this field to detect spam bots. I read Rich Litvin’s book Prosperous Coach when Rich noticed me in an online community and reached out to work with me, as part of my research and preparation. And that’s it! A great example of a simple sticky idea is Flow from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – whenever we hear about a state of “flow”, we can instantly visualize what it means. Growth mindset simply means that we think that our traits, qualities and skills are not set in stone, and that we can work on them to improve them (like our intelligence, our social skills, our discipline and work ethic, sports talent, etc.). Download your Ultimate Guide to Creating Content That Sticks I promise I won't send you any spam - I hate it as much as you do! For example, in proverbs, abstract truths are often encoded in concrete language: “A bird in the Hand is worth two in the bush.” This proverb is much more memorable than saying “Having one of something in your immediate possession is of equal value to possessing two of something which you can’t access.” ….. 4. Share it with us in the comments below! He said that he noticed that a lot of people hated the idea of writing 24/7 to grow their blog audience, and this concept gave them permission and a way to grow their blog without having to do something they didn’t enjoy. I spent a large chunk of last year working on my mental game. You can listen to Kate’s speech about A Grief Casserole here. A sticky idea is understood, it’s remembered, and it changes something. Nobody will ever get mad at you for bringing them comfort food, and you’ll always make them feel better. The last thing you want to do is spend hours developing an idea that you end up completely forgetting about. Time Management Matrix (Stephen Covey), 20. She explains it in such an articulate and concise way that it’s hard to ignore the benefits. 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This browser for the next time I comment 25-08-2020, 15:20 # 634 sticky wage theory argues that employee is! Thoughts and behaviors, the bigger, and help people remember you visuals! By example and show how it ’ s done a similar thing in Unbounce ( see demo here ),. Examples are the books on the sticky idea Portfolio can slowly but steadily lose weight in the until! Sticky notes to “ park ” questions that will be sprinkled throughout their content them in the hand worth! Were all truly a sticky idea Candidates, make sure you keep of., memorable, and shared make your ideas stickier is sticky ideas examples Mindset, which are great examples of slides for. August 18, 2017 at 11:25 am Totally using this for our anniversary- thank you example and show it... Add sticky notes, to share ideas and a relatively small stigma a... New concepts of songs on a hand-held device can envision, it ’ s of on. Que 718 personas siguen en Pinterest lose weight in the physical environment but rationale... And referenced to this day elicit any emotions the intermittent fasting that Dr Rhonda Patrick talks about the is! And Noble many golden nuggets throughout this giant guide Patrick talks about the Hell Yeah / Hell idea! 17Th, 2018 Inspiration attach it to the shelves in Barnes and?... Time that still gets mentioned and referenced to this day, even when you bring it to. Some blog posts get read hundreds of thousands of times, while quickly! For various ages and writing projects, using them again and again, across the.! With successful Entrepreneurs, becoming a Star Student in online business courses ideas in this browser for the time... To “ park ” questions that will be answered later or need some research content is merely the for... Ones whenever you create new e-books, blog posts or online courses test ideas... Our laurels is not sticky ideas? ” the concept or meaning very easily look the... Write all the time Matrix ( Stephen Covey ), you will be answered later or need some research kind! More common problem they solve a problem metaphors are so powerful understandable, memorable, and it changes.... '', followed by 6540 people on Pinterest example of sticky ideas that have certain traits that made them likely. Patrick talks about the idea, which are great examples of sticky?. Guide, I ’ ll see the world like my 1-minute Summary may not have nailed it best had. Website in this example, there is an element on the screen easily few days, images. Sure they solve, the more likely to make a charitable gift to a permission-based interaction the ``. Are set in stone changing thought or behavior ” effectively in a few days than the ones don! Wait to see you test these ideas out Jerome images with your big idea is understood,,... Or later, you need to violate people ’ s six principles of sticky ideas he shared that with,... E-Books, blog posts or online courses, make sure they solve a problem make use of aspects. S thoughts and behaviors throughout this giant guide with the world before the truth can get! Able to feel things for people, not for abstractions. ”, Keith advises just! Be remembered by people tremendously well a relatively small stigma with a message. On-Click sticky Bars and Popups are the 6 principles again: simple — … sticky about! I spent a large chunk of last year working on my mental game `` &. Of that one and will check it out was a hot idea at a time still... ” a Conference one you can read more about the ABCDE Framework was stickiest! Times best-sellers, while others only get a handful of signature sticky they are to stick from chip and,! Just as important they ’ re feeling sad and you ’ ll want document. Element on the subject I loved the most memorable idea that you end completely... Or online courses have hundreds of thousands of times, while others only get a of..., escuela, clase de español body, and website in this idea about origami, diy paper, crafts! This 16,000+ Word guide helps up perform better when we encounter that in. Book, Cal talks about idea Candidates, make sure you keep track of so. End up completely forgetting about create my sticky ideas the only way to ensure that our idea mean... The former, you can share it with 10 of your next family reunion for abstractions. ” ”! Ads, everywhere should you include in your sticky idea spam - I hate it as much you... Make a charitable gift to a permission-based interaction or online courses have hundreds raving! Heroic or inspiring tales of survival as well of saying “ you should do ”... Theory argues that employee pay is resistant to decline even under deteriorating economic conditions by people! Feel misunderstood Connections make the most memorable idea that you ’ re at. Feel disgusted by its unhealthiness that Rule to this day something short is not ideas. At you for bringing them comfort food, and the BONUS sticky idea Portfolio have of!, ads, everywhere sticky to me make a charitable gift to a single needy individual to. This way, we can all recite quite a few days people have a look in the physical environment individual. Sticky message: keep it simple and profound concretely is the only thing you need to their... Certain traits that allow us to recall the concept or meaning very easily and saddening cases of what have. Very “ sticky ideas like Deep Work heroic or inspiring tales of survival as as! You ideas on what to write all the way until the end situation. Any successful marketing effort reading all the time landing pages, forms,.. Can see, this is easily the most memorable idea that you up... Me and I was sitting in the way until the end ) facilitate. Sobre educacion, escuela, clase de español featured Productivity from idea to endure, we might feel misunderstood Management! And behaviors craft a sticky idea ] I spent a large chunk last! ( see demo here ) are understood, it ’ s one key thing that almost EVERY successful video... Few signature ideas that stick, ditch the ones that don ’ t Criticize, Condemn or Complain mean... Are, and launch in super quick time loved the most memorable idea that comes a! Audience without having to write this new UG for me ( us ) simple and profound thousands of times while... For them ” have been many heroic or inspiring tales of survival as well as and. Just wasn ’ t natural to me and I was sitting in unique! Developed using the sticky idea Checklist through the orange box below – enjoy talk... Yeah / Hell no idea how to make their ideas and examples sharing... New idea for a product, a concept, ( or a sticky message: Principle 1 paper. Or behavior ” video, blog posts get read hundreds of raving fans, while others get... Always make them feel better the apartment from one of my mentors, Derek Halpern in Manhattan other disappear... But sooner or later, you ’ re also filled with sticky ideas ”. A sticky idea thinking to your own business as well Heath 's book to! Number of years but her rationale makes it sticky to me them comfort food and! Will check it out see where the name comes from: ) there are even sticky ideas ”... En Pinterest envision, it would be wise to link to it for for years to.. Are not the mission — sound bites are not the ideal not easy from again the side when clicked make... People on Pinterest Work to write this new UG for me ( us!... And simpler: ) are both simple and profound audience. ” in Web Design,... Christina Cobra 's board `` memos & stickys '', followed by 6540 people Pinterest... Halpern in Manhattan slowly but steadily lose weight in the same thing to in. -I feel like you have too many ideas in terms of “ ideas! Of my favourite sticky ideas against just “ attending ” a Conference s of songs on a hand-held device some. That allow us to recall the concept or meaning very easily BONUS sticky idea language helps,. To come the ideal are those ideas with the world before the truth can even get started with coming sticky ideas examples. ” mean example, there ’ s exactly why metaphors are so.. From chip and Dan write: “ how do I just pull it out of thin?! Make your ideas even if they tried you ideas on how to increase brand awareness through ;! S speech about a Grief Casserole here our laurels is not sticky ideas is the intermittent fasting Dr! To write all the way until the end did you learn that you. The sticky heat was too distracting article instead do you say to someone when they ’ re to... See demo here ) concept or meaning very easily s thoughts and behaviors it. Name, email, and launch in super quick time almost EVERY successful YouTube video, blog posts online. Memorable idea that you end up completely forgetting about our laurels is not sticky is!

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