The H2 is used for hunting and T2 is mostly used for tactical purposes. Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic With Mount. All new Aimpoint sights are normally black. An advanced objective lens system improves the shape and clarity of the 2 … Here are the specs so you can see if it meets your temperature and water submersion requirements. Privacy Policy and There is nothing called a perfect product, you should make a selection based on what works for you. I always love watching the videos you guys post. So far, I'm still happy with the choice. In this category, the Micro takes the lead. How did it do with some of my favorite ammo (Best AR-15 Ammo for Self-Defense & Range Plinking) at 1x and 3x magnification? $80.00 Aimpoint … This optic has 4 dedicated settings for night vision and 8 settings for the daytime. The PRO shows how dated the design is as an optic when compared to The optics designed for professionals with quality in mind when it comes to the lenses and … The Eternal Debate Between Streamlight TLR 1 Vs Surefire X300, The Best 7.62×39 Scopes: Great Performance And Quality Rolled Into One, The Best Kept Secrets About ACOG Vs EOTech With Magnifier, Savvy Ways to Spend Over The Best Lightweight & Compact Rifle Scopes, Solve Issues With Best Ruger 10/22 Red Dot Sights, Best Scopes With Red Dots On Top: What No One Is Talking About, The Urban Dictionary of Best Rock Island 1911 Sight Upgrades, Important Facts That You Should Know About Best Universal Sight Pushers, Simple Guidance For You In Vortex Sparc Vs Strikefire. ... Aimpoint Micro H-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight with LRP Mount and Spacer - 2 MOA - 200211. Awesome, let us know what you think about it. All Rights Reserved. I know mine did. If that’s a little too much for now…check out our Best Red Dots Under $200. The one where I show the dot I used to make the groups is pretty hard to see. The SKD Aimpoint QRP2 Riser is also Bidirectional. Get Our Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets ($47 value - but FREE for a limited time). Purchase from the official Aimpoint Store. The Pro model is a bit too big to be used with handguns. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. The hammer testing was after re-mounting so the best comparison is F vs G.  There’s definitely some shift but again this falls within the 4 MOA spec. We mounted the PRO atop our trusty Kalashnikov and the Micro T-1 to an AR-15. If you indulge in something like Brush Hunting then this is the optic that you should be using. That makes it just the one price for a complete sight. Did you end up going with the PRO…or did you get something else? The option of different mounts, motion-on, better battery life, and price put the Romeo on top over the SPARC-AR for me. Zeroing with either optic was a quick concise process. Item No. The quality is outstanding, which means that the scope will last for a very long time. Micro H-2 has become Aimpoint’s most popular red dot sight and now a Tungsten Cerakote® coating version is released as a limited edition. Is it just me and my color blindness preventing me from seeing that? This reflex sight is designed for those users who prefer something compact, lightweight, and rugged. If you can afford the ~$400 price tag…it’s what we totally recommend for an optic that just won’t quit. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer, DVOR: KA-BAR Original Fixed Blade Tactical Knife - $65 (Normally $89), Palmetto State Armory: Stevens/Savage Model 301 Turkey 20GA Shotgun, Realtree Timber Camo - $200 + Free Shipping (Normally $250), DVOR: InForce WMLx 800 Lumen Weapon Mounted Light - $109 (normally $200), Palmetto State Armory: Complete Classic Lower, Olive Drab Green - $200 (normally $320), DIY OR DIE: 2 80% Arms Easy Jig Gen 3! Copyright © 2020 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Unfortunately China posers are catching up with Sweden manufacturing with the high accuracy and low cost of CNC these days. I am colorblind. I really like quality stuff that performs well. Go through the information given above and understand the technicalities of these scopes. If the pattern is the same regardless of the position, it's YOUR EYES. But if you’re looking at something where you can’t have it fail (home defense or patrol)…I’d take a serious look at the PRO. I have three of the original Aim points and wouldn't trade them for any other sight on the market, other than the Pro illustrated above. Here are certain points that you should consider if you want to understand the differences between the two scopes. What 3X magnifier are you using? The Aimpoint Micro T-2 was designed for users who require an extremely rugged, lightweight, and compact red dot optic. Aimpoint® For Comp, PRO… See the rest at Aimpoint: You get the name, 10 year warranty, and much better impact/submersion/battery-life. Vortex 3x from our Best 3x Magnifiers article! The PRO™ has a 2 MOA red dot that allows for fast target … Compare Compare Items. To me, there is more added value in the product than the cost difference, so it was a better bargain. It acts as a spare optic on a rifle that is used for shooting targets at a long distance. Will check it at 100 yards today. Aimpoint magnifiers work perfectly with Aimpoint … It does not matter which model you decide on, as both of them are winners. The Micro has a life of 5 years. Have a look and educate yourself before moving ahead. After that, you must make your move accordingly. The optical system in the sight is very advanced and the users will be treated to crystal clear images at any time of the day. 12841 Sight in a ready to go kit at a very affordable price ... Aimpoint® Micro T-1. I shot with the 3x magnifier so it was a little more accurate and we could see the shift. It’s twice the weight of the T1 and … I got one, looks new for $400. So I didn’t go full-blown torture testing. And I feel it was a good amount of jostling around…if you drop your gun or bang it into an obstacle…it should be way under what I put the optic through. Aimpoint manufactures the ultimate in reliable, fast, accurate red dots with an extended battery life. The Fact about Top 3 Best Night Sights For Glock 23, Surprising Facts About Best Ruger Mark III Red Dot Sights, Undeniable Proof That You Need Best Green Light For Hog Hunting, An Urban Dictionary of Nikon Buckmaster Vs Prostaff. The Ultimate Revelation Of Aimpoint Pro Vs Micro Red Dots. Product Comparison: AimPoint PRO (12841) vs AimPoint Micro T-2 (200170) Advertiser Disclosure. Aimpoint Lenscover Bikini (Micro) 12204 $19.00 The Aimpoint product series is designed to offer better red dot sight in all possible situations and for all potential needs. Aimpoint® magnifiers are designed for use with Aimpoint red dot reflex optics delivering ultimate picture clarity. If you are tired of using substandard hunting sights from other brands, give this one a go and you will not be disappointed. I also got the Aimpoint PRO after speaking with several people who all know a lot more than I do about this stuff. (Like the one shown in the first picture). If you’re looking for a red dot on a plinking rifle or an occasional competition? Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight. Not only is this shockproof, but it has good resistance to water too. Aimpoint Pro vs Micro: The Specifications. The Aimpoint turrets are excellent. Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. Aimpoint Micro T1: Identical to the Micro H1, with a more resilient hard anodized finish and night vision compatibility. Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight with… Advanced … 6 Best AR-15 Pistols [2020 Complete & Build List], 5 Best Bedside Gun Safes for Quick Access [Hands-On], 9 Best AR-15s: Ultimate Guide [2020 Hands-On], 10 Best Online Gun Stores [2020]: New & Used, 8 Best .45 ACP Pistols (That Aren't 1911s), Hi, I'm Eric Hung and I got into guns when I was around 25 and started with YouTube videos, scouring forums, and eventually taking a bunch of classes. Quick Guide Videos by Aimpoint Short easy to follow instructional films for Aimpoint® red dot sights. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Also, you must consider your personal preferences. Get proficient on YOUR time. The Aimpoint pro fits that bill. Wish I panned around to see the faces of the people that watched me bash a $400 optic. Aimpoint® Flip-Up Rear Lens Cover, Black - CompM4/PRO/ACO/9000. The way to test this is to move the Red Dot sight around it's central axis (horizontally away down the tube), and see if rotating this dot, still appears with the same fuzz pattern. Best .44 Magnum Scopes Reviews and Top Picks, Best American Made Rifle Scope Myths Debunked, Facts You Never Knew About Aimpoint T1 Vs H1. Great article. This scope has a Dual red dot to help you locate your targets fast. Aimpoint Pro was designed as a budget-friendly option for the police force. ... CompM5b, Micro T-2, Micro H-2 Quick view Add to Cart. This is very compatible with night vision, which is a good thing. The Aimpoint Micro T-2 or H1 and EOTech XPS2-0 fit small … We tested one for almost 3 years and thousands of rounds…plus remounted it a couple of times to see any shift. This has a very sophisticated objective lens, which provides a tremendous amount of clarity. Are you feeling lost when it comes to Aimpoint Pro Vs Micro Red Dots? Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight, #3. Since the Pro is a bit big, the users can locate the target fast. I am ready for one. A post shared by Pew Pew Tactical (@pewpewtactical) on Feb 11, 2018 at 9:03am PST. You can even get spendier and get the Eotech-style reticule and solar powered option. Love it! Nice tight groups at 50 yards. This works great on shotguns too. Which is the better optic: The Aimpoint PRO or the Trijicon MRO? This particular scope has a life of 36 months. Hilarious and informative. Item No. . All Aimpoint sights are manufactured in Sweden so beware of sights and packages from China or Hong Kong. What Makes The Best Sks Scope Mount Popular? Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. I also like the fact they come with a very serviceable Mount included. Please create an account using the link below for access to this exclusive program. I put a target out to 50 yards and zeroed in with my best-bang-for-the-buck pencil Aero Precision Upper (full review) that does about 2-3 MOA (2-3 inches at 100 yards). ya, the fact they lied to the government, suffer severe poi shift, put thousands of service members at risk, and had to offer to buy ALL of them back is totally irrelevant. This works well with any mounting rail and can be secured into place by a tightening knob. Overview The Aimpoint® Micro T-2 redefines everything you thought you knew about compact red dot sights. Well, we can help you in that respect. Since most were bought by armchair Rambo's that get buyers remorse, most are in excellent condition. Complete and ready to mount The PRO sight contains a QRP2 … 12417 (2MOA), 11830 (4MOA) 1st gen. of Aimpoint® Micro sights – a small, light and … The T2 variant of the Micro is an excellent choice for the handguns. You can use a night vision with T2, but you should know that H2 is not compatible with H2. also i wish there was a couple more brightness settings because i go from a crisp dot right to a much brighter hazy star. The Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic offers you with lots of features that you do not find on a traditional rifle optic. For the handguns, you will want to use a small and compact optic. I admit I have never used one so maybe I should rent one of the ones from my range to see if it is any different.....Well, I guess I have another task this weekend when my son is home from college and we head to the range. I'd echo what so many in comments are saying: The Aimpoint PRO is a very good choice for a Red Dot type sight (fantastic battery life, easy to use, rugged beyond belief, keeps a zero well). In this case, the Micro is very compatible with hunting weapons such as crossbows, rifles, and shotguns. I took the optic off and on a couple of times, and made sure to always press the optic forward when I remounted. [Review] Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic): Best Red Dot? I soaked up as much information as I could online, at competitions, and from tinkering in my workshop. Heavy benchrest and nice Hiperfire trigger. The good thing about both the optics is that the finishing is top-notch and you can count on this to last for a very long time. Many … And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. This can be used with magnifiers such as the Aimpoint 6xMag, 3Xmag, and 3X-C. it has a red line in it from 10 o clock to 5 o clock that comes and goes when outside or inside bright or cast over days, mostly when you look at dark objects. Then check out more of our favorite Optics & Scopes for the AR-15. Follow @pewpewtactical for more! Aimpoint offers a full line of premium sighting solutions to complement nearly anything you carry into the field. The Micro … Super quick primer on why red dots are awesome…. And of course you know me…beat it with a hammer about 25 times in all directions. I like the weight, size, and aperture on the PRO more than the other two, but I do also feel like the micro sights are better for lighter builds and SBRs. For a 16" AR build, I would normally go with an Aimpoint PRO. How about with a 3x magnifier in front using the Vortex winner from Best 3x Magnifiers? In reality…the green hue isn’t as big a difference as it seems in these pics. This comes with a flip cover that protects the lens. How to Outsmart Your Peers on Best .22 Pistol Scopes? — 66 products / 109 models — Page 1. $19.00 Aimpoint Comp M5 w/ LaRue Tactical QD Mount. Through this post, we will explore the different aspects of the sights. Let me know in comments below. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Most eyes have a very slight amount of astigmatism, which causes the fuzziness. What Are the Differences Between Two Scopes? The Aimpoint PRO, or Patrol Rifle Optic, is a slightly larger optic that is designed for police agencies on a budget. Buying Info Videos. I kept the dot small (less bright option) for when I was testing for accuracy. Thanks! This is a standard optic which costs a lot less than the normal scopes from Aimpoint, but the good news is that it still does a fabulous job. Aimpoint® Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) was built to withstand the challenging conditions faced by law enforcement officers. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you were to crank it up to the max without being in direct extreme sunlight you will see a red halo on the sides. Hammer torture testing of the Aimpoint PRO. The Sig series of red dots goes on sale pretty regularly and have a warranty as good as Vortex. Exception for tan Micro T-2 and orange Micro H-2 in limited edition. i bought the aim point pro from bass pro. This will give you a clear understanding and also help you make the right choice. Aimpoint believes, “A gun sight should improve and simplify the shooting process while meeting the … Aimpoint supports the men and women who protect and serve our country. The Micro can be used with both tactical and hunting guns. 21 Jan. Aimpoint… Aimpoint Micro Aimpoint Micro H1: Lightweight and compact. The body of the scope is made from the strong aluminum casing, which means this will last for a very long time to come. ITEM# 12224. Learn more at. #2. The flip lens cover adds extra protection to the different optical components in the scope. If you're on our email list or Facebook or IG you'll be notified. Here are some reviews of three of the hottest products from Aimpoint. I really did not expect such a huge difference in red dots. I shot these at reasonable speed (one every 3-5 seconds) and here are my takeaways: Now how about taking the optic on and off a couple times? Wait for the full results at! A Transparent Discussion On Vortex Strikefire Vs Aimpoint, Meprolight vs Trijicon- The Better Option. Aimpoint is the most recognized worldwide leader of Red Dot Sight technology.For over 40 years, Aimpoint has been working closely with experienced marksmen, law enforcement, and military around … It was a bright day but not SUPER bright…so this was one or two brightness levels from the max setting. The Pro comes with 4 separate settings for night vision and 6 daylight settings. If you want the truth then you should know that both models are good. And now I hope to answer some of yours! I built my first AR and got the Aimpoint Pro, couldn’t be happier, super beefy and solid quality. Having the PRO with a standard size 3x magnifier these days is relatively a heavy and bulky set up. But here it is amped up a little. Ultimately I ended up owning 3 of them, one for each rifle, I have tried many of the red dots over the years and the Aimpoints are just such a cut above that going back to a lessor red dot just doesn't cut it and the PRO though a bit pricey, is just low enough for me to equip all my rifles with. You can’t go wrong with budget versions. Aimpoint PRO 30,000-hours (3 years) of constant-on battery life at setting 7 of 10; Uses one DL 1/3N battery (supplied) Absolute co-witness with iron sights (with the supplied spacer installed) At 3x here is the view: Dot is lower since the mount I have is a little higher than the PRO.

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